Guardianship News:

Nevada breaking news: Helen Natko convicted of theft & exploitation

The jury came back this morning with a guilty verdict on both counts against Helen Natko. My wife Terri and I are so very thankful to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police investigators and especially to Clark County Chief Deputy District Attorney J.P. Raman and his assistant Katie. Thanks to all of you for your prayers and support the last 3 years. We have been blessed by your support.

After four years working diligently to hold Helen Natko, and Commissioner Jon Norheim’s court allies, to account for exploiting Del Mencarelli, our efforts finally pay off. Norheim fully endorsed Natko knowing he was financially exploiting Mr. Mencarelli’s and my estate. Commissioner Norheim and Judge Hoskin embraced their cronies claims legitimizing Helen Natko and defaming our family as they had done in thousands of cases the past 10 years. All the parties who aided Natko are shown above. Noel Palmer Simpson was Natko’s first attorney and is under indictment for her involvement with April Parks.

Our hope is this victory gives faith to everyone to continue to demand justice from the rulings of Norheim and Hoskin. We will continue our advocacy on behalf of all the victims.

Sadly Clark County judicial leadership continues to protect both Hoskin and Norheim. Norheim’s contrived ignorance concerning his biased rulings in favor of his family court allies the last 10 years is an insult to any law abiding culture. Hopefully now Nevada leadership will start to hold probate and family court judicial officers to a higher standard and begin to instill confidence in the public for which they are charged to serve. The firing of Commissioner Jon Norheim will be an easy start.

Richard W. Black