More criminal charges against Traci Samuel Hudson

Today in the Pinellas County court room of Judge St. John, former president of the Pinellas guardianship Association, Traci Samuels Hudson attended what was to be a pretrial hearing. But after many months of investigation the states attorney brought several additional criminal charges to light.

Referencing cases that have been under investigation for over a year, Hudson was charged among other things with the disappearance of between seven and 10 firearms from the home of one of her unfortunate wards. In addition she was charged with embezzling money from several additional wards. A hearing is scheduled to determine the bond status for all of these charges and whether the defendant should be able to roam around freely and Pinellas County with or without an ankle monitor.

Ironically in pleading for his client, Hudson’s lawyer references that that Traci is the primary caregiver for her elderly and vulnerable father who apparently is ill. There was no evidence presented to support that allegation but the irony of this apex predator Guardian who preyed on so many vulnerable elderly asking for a reduced bond because her father is now elderly and vulnerable and reliant on her was not lost on anyone in attendance in person or by zoom.

In another case of criminal charges against the predatory Guardian, August 5, 2021 has been set as the date for a disposition hearing in the case of Rebecca Fierle.