Florida State Guardianship Association Leadership– Rot at the top?

The majority of FSGA leadership have been deeply involved in multiple egregious guardianships for years. Their names are well known to anyone who has followed the guardianship crisis in Florida. This follows the trend set by the Pinellas County Guardianship Association whose officers have included the likes of Traci Hudson and other well known predators.

A high level source and former FSGA Board member intimately familiar with the FSGA has said “I … would not rejoin the board again unless there are philosophical changes. It is my opinion they are deviating from their mission and charter….. it is my understanding that many clerk (of courts) staff members decided not to renew FSGA membership”.

The FSGA is controlled of a band of corrupt predators whose primary mission–as opposed to the flowery rhetoric of their public stance– “The Florida State Guardianship Association is dedicated to the protection of the dignity and rights of incapacitated persons and to increasing the professionalism of guardianship through education, networking, and legislative action” is to abuse the public for their own benefit and create and control as many predatory guardianships as possible.

How long will the public have to tolerate this abuse from the Probate Court hotspots and their masters in the Supreme Court who enable the guardian predators?