Florida State Guardianship Association Leadership– Rot at the top?

April 27, 2022 // 0 Comments

The majority of FSGA leadership have been deeply involved in multiple egregious guardianships for years. Their names are well known to anyone who has followed the guardianship crisis in Florida. This follows the trend set by the Pinellas County Guardianship Association whose officers have included the likes of Traci Hudson and other well known predators. A high level source and former FSGA Board member intimately familiar with the FSGA has said “I … would not rejoin the board again [- more...]

AAAPG Memorial Book

April 10, 2022 // 0 Comments

Memorial Book for wardsClick this LINK to view our Memorial book for victims of guardianship abuse, produced by dozens of contributors. To add your contribution go to [- more...]

Protecting your advance directives

April 3, 2022 // 0 Comments

Given that the starting point for much of the professional guardianship abuse that occurs comes from the court’s predilection to nullify properly prepared advance directives of the proposed ward, it is appropriate to begin a dialogue about how to better protect those directives from being attacked and cast aside in order to enable the insertion of a favored professional guardian over the pre need selection. NOTE: nothing herein is or should be construed as legal advice. Dr. Sam Sugar is [- more...]
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