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Schedule for #TampaGuardianshipEvent 2019

by Sam Sugar, MD in Tampa Event

WELCOME TO THE  #TampaGuardianshipEvent Order of events (subject to change) For speaker bios go to February 20, 2019-February 21, 2019 Le Meridian Hotel 601 N. Florida [- more...]

Organizations accomplishing amazing results WillPowerNM - a focus on guardianship and probate abuse in New Mexico

Pre-order “The Guardians” DVD

THE GUARDIANS, an award-winning documentary produced by Billie Mintz, examines the systemic abuse of elderly people in Las Vegas and exposes a cautionary tale where some of our society’s most vulnerable citizens are robbed of their life savings, healthcare decisions and autonomy. Help support the exposure of this racket – Pre-order your copy today on iTunes.

The Guardians, a documentary

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Dr Sugar’s book- Guardianships & the Elderly: the perfect crime

Guardianship: the perfect crime

Notable quote:

“I can’t imagine a class of people more susceptible to criminals than wards of a court,” Clark County, Nevada District Attorney Steve Wolfson

Veterans Under Guardianship

BROKEN-The Fallout from Guardianship Abuse