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by Sam Sugar, MD in Attorneys actions

In speaking to the countless numbers of people across the country who call our hotline to look for help to be rescued from the abuses of guardianships, one question keeps coming up over and over again—” isn’t there [- more...]

Organizations accomplishing amazing results WillPowerNM - a focus on guardianship and probate abuse in New Mexico

Tampa Guardianship event links

Feb 20, 2019

First session video including presentation by Dale Yeager, Rick Black, Sam sugar, Julie Belshe and Ron Denman
Terri Kennedy Presentation
Rick Black Presentation
Margret Chalupowski Presentation
Eileen Leslie Presentation
Dr. Sam Sugar Presentation
Terry Williams Presentation
Joanna Bougalis Video
Judge Morley’s Video is not available
Janet Phelan Video is not available

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Dr Sugar’s book- Guardianships & the Elderly: the perfect crime

Guardianship: the perfect crime

Notable quote:

“I can’t imagine a class of people more susceptible to criminals than wards of a court,” Clark County, Nevada District Attorney Steve Wolfson

Veterans Under Guardianship

BROKEN-The Fallout from Guardianship Abuse