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For Outreach and Media Sources:

AAAPG representatives are available for comments, appearances and interviews.

Please copy and paste the appropriate email address to contact

Midwest: Stacy Martz at [email protected]

Southeast: Marci Friedman at [email protected]

East Coast: Heidi Heard at [email protected]

Central: Laurel Federbush  at  [email protected]

NY: Marion Kornicki at [email protected]

Our State based Intake Coordinators are available to help document your experience, share their own experience and resources with you and connect you to information and advocates in your State and Nationally.

To reach an Intake Coordinator in your State (to report a case or request assistance) by email

  1. complete our AAAPG Intake Report , if possible attach it to your email and have it available when you speak to your Intake Coordinator
  2. copy and paste one of the appropriate email addresses below
  3. send an email with the subject: REQUEST INTAKE COORDINATOR

For Florida :

 Beverly Newman at [email protected] 

Hillary Hogue at [email protected] 

Terri McGuire at [email protected]  

Lynn Sayler  at [email protected]

For Ohio:

Kathy Bosse  at [email protected]

For New Mexico:

David Heeter at [email protected]

For Wisconsin:

Marla Zahn at [email protected]

or Angela Campbell at [email protected]

For Illinois:

Joanna Dennison  at  [email protected]

For Colorado:

Luanne Fleming at [email protected]

For New York/New Jersey:

or Juliette Fairley at [email protected]

For Michigan:

Cynthia Hind at  [email protected]

or Debbie Fox  at [email protected]

For Georgia:

Diana Kunz  [email protected]

For Massachusetts:

Margaret Chalupowski [email protected]

For Texas:

Juliette Fairley [email protected]

For Washington State:

Claudia Donnelly [email protected]


Jennifer Roach


Advocate network provided by

Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship

(855) 913 5337

By email: [email protected]

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