Helpful links

Here are some links to organizations and website AAAPG has found helpful to victims navigating the maze of court-ordered guardianship.

Boomers Against Elder Abuse – a New Mexico-based FaceBook page with over 100,000+ fans, including a Notes Section with several helpful articles, and a section called You Are Not Alone, featuring stories by adult children of the indignities and abuse their parents have suffered at the hands of Court-appointed guardians.

Washington State attorney Margaret Dore, JD, MBA provides a helpful article: Ten Reasons People Get Railroaded into Guardianship.

From Texas, GRADE: Guardianship Reform Advocates For the Disabled & Elderly provides “a closer look … at both this freedom-diverting tool and the probate courts in which these actions occur.”

A clearinghouse of articles concerning guardianship abuse occurring nationally can be found at the National Association to Stop Guardianship’s Abuse blog.