An unusual victim video

Elder abuse doesn’t only take place via guardianship, but the tactics are incredibly similar!

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  1. kathleen j. morris // December 11, 2020 at 11:30 pm //

    Thank you for doing the victim video’s. Each true account of guardian abuse is
    more than frightening and heart wrenching. I have been viewing documentaries of Holocaust survivors true stories, and compare the atrocities of crimes against humanity as parallel to the same hidden evils of America’s well organized guardian cartel. Everyone should do the same and watch all you tube documentaries of survivors of the Holocaust. The same evil schemes and tactics used by the Nazi’s to destroy innocent victims, divide their families, isolated them, the horrible medical experiments, treating each victim as subhuman, lies and propaganda fear tactics to force the targeted victims to comply.. everything is the same thing the states are doing to our vulnerable population.. elders, disabled, babies.. Each account is beyond comprehension how one human being can be so cold and callous toward another with no twinge of conscience what so ever. Drugs were used to kill as is being used now. Lethal injections used to destroy the “useless eaters” as Hitler called us, those targeted, just as in guardianship. Just as is being done now – people easily fall become snitches to the states and get rewarded promised pay, to set others up for the state to come in and take over another person’s life, steal their property, put them in undisclosed institutions, while the state and its cronies steal the victims life assets, and home ect. The Nazi SS (police) would not help if called as they worked for the cartel, just as is going on today in this country and has been for decades! This victim video is another warning to everyone out there.. that is ” KEEP YOUR FAMILY BUSINESS YOUR PERSONAL BUSINESS – DO NOT GO TO LAWYERS FOR POWERS OF ATTORNEY AS THEY ARE NOT WORTH THE PAPER THEY ARE WRITTEN ON.. ( AND BESIDES POA CAN BE WRITTEN AND SIGNED WITH 2 WITNESSES PRESENT AND NOTORIZED WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY – as this is just as legal and binding as done by an expensive attorney – but in retrospect judges do not honor any power of attorney.. they routinely throw them out and as much as spit on them!) We must take care of and look out for our own families and keep the court out of it.. we must realize the courts are cartels and the crooks probate judges are the ringleaders! This country is far from free. The judges are running amok as criminal cabals.. where no justice is ever served in America’s courts especially in probate courts. I thank you Dr. Sugar for having the guts to put the blame for these crimes of guardian abuse to the crooked Judges! There is an organization which exposes dreadful guardian abuse stories on a web site, who refused to put the blame where it belonged.. to the crooked probate judges! She wanted to dance around pointing the finger where it belonged by saying we must not upset the judge.
    The American Judiciary is a joke! Nobody in this country has any faith nor trust in getting any justice in America’s courts. They are dirty and evil, and follow no rule of law! We have learned the States AG’s, Gov. and Secretary of States work tightly in the ring of human trafficking of our elders. That is why the clique lawyers who work in with the crooked judges are so arrogant.. they fear no reprisal of their crimes as the states AG’s , Gov., and Secretary of States got their backs along with the law enforcement.
    Michigan is building so-called assisted living facilities all over the place and as quick as they are built, the probate courts and ring of cronies have them filled with new wards of the court.
    These places are akin to the ghettos where Hitlers SS invaded homes and hauled families to await the gas chambers. These fake so-called assisted living facilities are run shoddy and inhumane conditions exist. It is so comparable to what Hitler got away with in the 3rd Reich, that it is frightening. Everyone must study history as we are living it now .. history is repeating itself right before our eyes.

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