Bench and Ballot

Dangerous Radicals in the court and on the ballot

Though it may seem like a stretch to bring discussions about elections into the more narrow discussion of abusive guardianship, there are striking similarities about how American justice and liberty are being attacked on multiple fronts in both arenas.

To frame the discussion, let me state at the outset that the greatest abuse in abusive guardianships is the incredibly sad reality that guardianships are designed to remove one’s liberty and freedom. Through a combination of highly subjective as well as biased analyses and tactics, American probate courts are in the business of creating guardianships which by definition remove an individual’s rights and ability to live their lives in the way they choose simply because they might have one degree or another of disability or incapacity. While it is true that the primary motivation for the guardianship industry is the accumulation of power and wealth at the expense of innocent victims and their families, the most precious of our possessions in this country is not money, rather it is our liberty. Though it is difficult, lacking money can be overcome. While it is difficult one can survive, albeit poorly, even when isolated from family members as is so often the case in probate abusive guardianship. But without the liberty and freedom that has been promised every American in our foundational documents, our very existence within the society is rendered insecure, tenuous, threatened and compromised. America was founded because that generation of original American patriots wanted to escape the dominion of a monarchy to live lives that were free and liberated from tyranny–particularly when it came to religious freedom. Our founders understood that every form of government is subject to governmental tyranny and that human beings–especially politicians– have a natural tendency toward self-dealing and greed. It is why their brilliant work created masterpiece documents that have governed our country–albeit imperfectly– since its inception with constant progress towards a more perfect union. It is why we have a bill of rights as well as a Constitution and it is why the institutions that were created by our founders so magnificently have balanced the needs of the individual against the powers of government.

Today we have political candidates who, despite refusing to comment on it, have serious plans to alter the very fabric of and protections from our government. In addition to openly calling themselves Socialists, they have espoused in their platform documents and in their public speech plans for the elimination of the electoral college, stacking the Supreme Court, abolishing the filibuster, conferring statehood on 2 additional states to guarantee a Senate majority in perpetuity, mandating socialized medicine and incredibly they have even made public statements that threaten to go after those individuals in our society who do not accept their point of view. The goal is to secure unchallenged power over the resources, means of production and day to day affairs of the nation, even if it means sacrificing the good of the country in favor of the agenda of the rising power of the radical left financed by mega wealthy revolutionaries who care nothing about America especially if it stands in the way of their larger goal of massive hegemonic globalism.

In a similar vein, in Probate courts, the ultimate unchallenged power of a single government representative–the Probate Judge–can and too often does inflict fatal harm on innocent Americans who are brought to the court for some sort of help or assistance from he court. Such overbearing ultimate power should come with powerful checks and balances, but it does not. The result is the vaporization of liberty with a stroke of a pen.

The ballot and the bench must not be tools of revolution and decimation of individual liberties, but rather tools of our righteous evolution as a just and civil society, firmly perched upon a set of eternal values, immutable but fair laws and documents that ensure liberty for every generation in a system of government that can be relied on to eliminate or at least minimize corruption while preserving liberties. Liberty killing corrupt probate practices must not endure and the system of governmental checks and balances designed protect the individual from its own government that are now under constant attack cannot be abandoned in favor of the heated frenzy of political zeal and thirst for power. Real justice must be restored to guardianship courts and rededication to our founding principles must triumph over radical calls to sink into the morass of abusive and failed socialism in our great country.