Some thoughts

  1. The ACLU position on guardianship is that it must be abolished. They haven’t said how just yet.
  2. The only reason the world got to hear about Britney Spears is because someone broke the law and released a secretly recorded version of her remarks to judge Penny. Had that not happened, the world would not be up in arms about #Free Britney.
  3. Spears’ lawyer never once told her she could petition to have the guardianship terminated, but he billed her huge amounts of money every month.
  4. Despite al the noise and protests, only one bill has been presented in Florida to the Congress to even slightly deal with the crisis.
  5. A Task Force has been assembled in Pinellas County Florida–home to some of the most egregious guardianships in history– “to improve guardianship”. Improve it for whom?
  6. The Florida OPPG recently “disciplined” an abusive guardian by making her give up all her pro bono cases and agreeing not to take any new private cases for 6 months, after which she will be fully reinstated. There were multiple complaints from numerous quarters about this guardian, some quite horrible. Makes you wonder what guardian has to do to get decertified?
  7. Not one predatory guardianship lawyer has been sanctioned by the Florida Bar in the last 5 years or more.
  8. No equity court Judge has ever been reprimanded or removed from the bench in Florida.
  9. Apex professional predator guardian Rebecca Fierle has reportedly entered into a plea deal. Trial is scheduled for August.
  10. Professional Guardian Traci Samuel Hudson has been charged with as many as 21 seperate criminal offenses and more. She was President of the Pinellas County Guardianship Association.
  11. From Rolling Stone Magazine: Four years ago, the Government Accountability Office tried, and failed, to determine the scope of conservatorship abuse in the United States. The extent of the problem, the report concluded, is “unknown due to limited data.” Conservatorships and guardianships are administered under a patchwork of different state laws, some that employ different rules and terminology. (In many states, conservatorship of a person is called a “guardianship.”) A prior report by the same office nonetheless found rampant abuse within the system, including “hundreds” of allegations of physical abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation by guardians. A close examination of just 20 of those cases found guardians stole $5.4 million in assets from 158 victims.

and the beat goes on…………………….