Annual Fundraising Drive

Our annual fundraising ask

Dear Friends

I hope you have enjoyed and appreciated our newsletters and the continuation of our fully revamped and redesigned website which is full of useful news, developments and information for families and victims in the guardianship fight.

In order to continue providing this type of information and advocacy leadership,it takes money..  So once a year in the giving season, would you please consider making a gift of whatever you can afford to AAAPG?

To have another event like the ones we have been sponsoring for the past five years will take at least $10,000 .  And while that sounds like a lot of money, when many of you contribute generously to the best of your ability, it is a very realistic fundraising goal.  Funds received by December 31,2020 are tax deductible to the full extent of the law for the year 2020.  

Please go to our donate page and make your generous donation and help us continue to expose and shine a light on the dark American plague of guardianship abuse.