Government: Say one thing but do another

Under the best of circumstances, Governments at every level struggle to deliver the critically important goods and services that politicians promise especially during election years.  The usual excuse for failures to perform revolve around purported funding shortfalls or other snafus but are all too often the result of promising what can never possibly be delivered, no matter how critical that work product, or delivery may be.  A good example is the ongoing difficulty in distributing millions of doses of COVID19 vaccinations to the country.  Recently we were told that the White House discovered that millions of doses of the lifesaving vaccine had simply vanished.  Multimillion dollar computer systems set up to simply take appointments for the vaccinations crash daily.  Shipments of the vaccine to grocery stores here in Florida were stranded at the airports or trucking depots due to the recent cold weather snap.  Government is never really held responsible and the public suffers and is cheated.

This is a pattern and practice that is becoming disturbingly commonplace.

Take for example the situation with generic drugs.  The following article

As details,  America’s reliance on cheap generic versions of name brand drugs is based on a fundamental falsehood.  If you ask the man on the street whether a generic drug is the same as the name brand, they will inevitably answer I think so or, yes.  As revealed in this article, nothing could be further from the truth.  Patients are extremely fortunate if the generic drug they have substituted for a name brand to save money actually does what it’s supposed to do in the way it’s supposed to do it.  Slipshod manufacturing, lack of meaningful supervision, and outright fraud afflict the fabulously profitable generic drug trade.  The watchdog FDA does not even attempt to monitor or supervise shipments of drugs from third world countries where labor and materials are cheap to assure the ultimate recipient of that medication that it is not only effective but safe as well.  There are legendary stories of the millions and millions of fake little blue pills of Viagra that flooded the United States early in the 21st century and contained not sildenafil, the active ingredient, but poisons from China and other countries.  The implicit belief that what our government purports to be safe is actually safe appears to be misplaced.

Our beloved Internet is rife with sellers who want buyers to believe that their products are safe and effective.  From knee braces to supplements to vitamins to asthma inhalers and about any medication you could possibly want, scams against Americans and particularly scams against the elderly are everywhere.  The Department of Justice with former Attorney General William Barr even put on a dog and pony show in Florida in 2020 tooting their own horn about how many scammers they had arrested who had been trying to scam the elderly with lottery scams, home improvement scams, loan scams, and every other scam you can think of.  They promised to go after the scammers and put them in their place, but scams against seniors are rising at it an unheard of pace and there really is no one agency in government that can keep up with them.  The government may promise to protect seniors, but the truth is they cannot. Worse, the government refuses to admit that elder abuse even includes court-based abuses.

And then of course there is guardianship—the prime example of government doing the opposite of what it was intended to do .  In a macro or micro sense, the guardianship industrial complex in this country is emblematic of how government at every level says one thing and does another, to the detriment of every citizen and taxpayer.  The fundamental premise of the guardianships laws is to give protection and assistance to vulnerable individuals within communities.  That premise is violated on a regular basis in jury-less equity type probate guardianship administrative courts across the country where incestuous cabals of lawyers, judges and guardians and a multitude of downstream scammers exploit, abuse and impoverish innocent Americans while hiding under the black skirts of the state Supreme Court, which allows them to hide their nefarious activities from scrutiny.  These probate court judges have more power than the IRS or even God in their courtroom as they can decide life-and-death on a whim.  Without any meaningful supervision or monitoring they can ignore every law on the books and act as judge, and jury and executioner free from the oversight of any actual juries of our peers and be protected by the sequestration of all cases that precludes meaningful investigation of even the most egregious wrongdoing.

One thing we can do to prevent falling prey to government failed promises is to learn as much as possible about how certain life changing interactions between ourselves and government–read probate litigation in guardianship– can be prevented.  To learn about those strategies and consequences, please join us on April 11 and 12th for our two-part 2021 Guardianship Summit featuring officials, academics, advocates, experts and families from around the country as we come together to create the first ever consensus position paper on abusive American guardianship prevention, reform and replacement.

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