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9 Comments on Florida Supreme Court Work-group Report 2018

  1. I think publicly accessible, cameras are needed in the courtroom so the public can see that these Guardianship hearings, follow procedure. I want to see that any elder person is in court to have his or her say. I want them to have a balanced number of people speak on their behalf, tasked, first, with “not creating a guardianship over them.” This working group did not show me any methodology for ensuring the rights of individuals are respected. It looks like it will continue to make guardianships. A group of people from the elder person’s neighborhood should be involved, as soon as a guardianship is asked for. I think there are enough legal documents covering the wishes of the elderly already. Guardianship just ignores these legal safeguards in favor of the arbitrary decisions by Judges to rule for those who have his or her, favor.

  2. Angela Campbell and Donna Patik // January 3, 2019 at 1:52 am //

    We find this report discouraging and disappointing. We find no bridge to connect the vast gap between the abused victim and the court system. We see no oversight of or consequences to the judges who do not follow the law. The inclusion of “in the best interest of the ward” or “not in the best interest of the ward” clauses gives the judges, lawyers, and guardians a free ticket not to follow the law. Seems like a waste of time until there’s a way to keep probate judges accountable to upholding the law. It doesn’t matter how many strict laws are made when judges can ignore them with impunity. What’s the sense? Nothing is going to change until the profit factor is eliminated in all areas: home healthcare, attorneys, guardians, judges, and nursing homes. In the end, this is putting a hardship on the government when our tax money ends up paying for bankrupted wards’ care.


    Looks to me like a band-aid and an avenue to ensure better COVERT protection of Guardians…I dont see anything that is not open to “interpretation” and I don’t see anything STOPPING THIS RACKET FROM PERPETUITY !


  4. This is nothing but smoke and mirrors wasting our taxes. Simply put the only way these judicial crimes continue is because they are allowed to violate the laws.
    This is one of the best things I have ever read and had the pillars in this outline on pg 10 been obeyed my Dad would never have been abused, drugged and robbed. And most probably my Mom’s murder would have justice.
    The police, prosecutor and judges all used their “discretion” to look away from the facts of the evidence right before them to steal our property.

  5. So on this council we have Olin Shinholser as chair. described as “a prime example of dishonesty and arrogance”.
    Judge Peter Dearing: comments. “Regarding guardianship cases Dearing works to protect private guardians and their attorneys at the expense of family members. Sad. Unfortunate.”
    Maria Korvick: comments. Too many to list. “She is morally bankrupt. She will take a legal document…and take it and appoint favorite, already filthy rich attorneys to take over deceased peoples money…”
    And then there is Vicki Alkire, owner of Viable Alternatives for profit organization along with non profit, Foundation of Indigent Guardianship. It also appears, though not confirmed, thAt she is connected with HarborChase of Sarasota nursing care. Her husband Charles also with the foundation runs Alkire Financial Advisory. The foundation’s 2016 “990” does not give a list of outgoing grants from its 224,000 income. But 2014 $27,321 went to Council on Aging of Voluca Public Guardianship. The whole council should resign.

  6. All of my Courtroom court transcript point to one thing.
    LACK OF DUE PROCESS for the Eldery, Disable, and their beneficiary of the Estate.
    I am the beneficiary of the Estate and I am suppose to have more power than the “hire help” if it is real guardianship. The professional guardians are suppose be the “hire help” to help the family assist with day to day life for the elderly or disable. The outcome is these “hire help” became more than the “hire help”. The “hire help” became the “MASTER” for the elderly and disable. Who gave them that “right”? If the Judge asked the attorney to write court orders for them. What do you think these attorney will write?
    How can a person, any person lost their civil right in one court hearing?
    As in my case for my mother, I told the Court in writing, in the court hearing, and correctly wrote the motions with attached court order to dismiss. It was ignored because of the Court appointed attorney. My mother did not hire this court appointed attorney. My mother did not have contract with the court appointed forced placed attorney upon her. Somehow the forced placed attorney gave themselves power using no matter what whoever comes my way they are incapacitated and professional guardian(s) must be used. Accuse the Beneficiary of stealing, abuse without proof, anything so Judge can order the Court appointed attorney write up court order, and/or petitioner attorney write up court order. So they did. The court order is incapacitated, even with multi-million dollar in the bank account still have to sell their house that they lived in and move the “incapacitate” into nursing home when “incapacitated” have numerous staff to assist the daily living. The loved one are the first to be accused of criminal action while the attorney took money before the court order are not “criminal”. Even though that “attorney” must report bad conduct of another attorney. They couldn’t. They have to take care of each other or Judge will treat the one who “tell” badly. GAG is the court hearing of violation of due process.
    My 1000 pages of court transcript show how bad these attorney lied inside the court room. They couldn’t even remember what they just said 3 minutes ago. Page 3 is totally different than page 8 et. al.
    Just report all of these to United States Attorney General, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Florida Attorney General, United States Anti-Trust, Federal Fair Housing Complaint. I did and continue to write, and write.
    The most important key to these FRAUD is IT IS Violation of United States Constitution Fifth Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment and Florida Article I Section 23 Privacy. The taking away A Person’s Civil Right when the person did not ask the Florida Government to intervene is constitution violation.
    The Forced Placed Attorney is violation of Florida Article I Section 10. That is No Court can forced people into Contract.
    In my family guardianship case, I point it to the Judge. The Honorable Judge double talked (when I read the transcript is he said one thing then he said another thing). The Judge could have simply said: “No Court Jurisdiction go home”. But he said: “I appoint you personal guardian and your brother property guardian.” The Honorable Judge did not write and sign court order on that date at the hearing. That is the law, he must sign court order on what he said. He didn’t. 14 days later, court orders show up on the court docket with all the good for attorneys fees show up. The end result is zero dollar for my mother. Over $240,000 looting my mother’s financial assets (No court order for payment to the attorneys) or her Estate assets without her knowledge, consent, signature. The purpose is for more arguments for more attorney fees. What I would do is: Court transcript, Motion, court hearing, Court Order, and copies of cancel checks of attorney fees that will be the evidence of Fraud. The most compassionate people on Earth!!! Attacking the elderly and disabled for their financial assets to enrich themselves.

  7. Kathleen Morris // January 6, 2019 at 12:31 pm //

    Guardianship equals terrorism upon the American people! The threat of terrorism in this country is not from outside but within, perpetuated by elites who run this country. Every scathing true terror story of guardianship becomes more and more revolting to me! Every American citizen should never willingly become another statistic court room drama. When we are forced into the evil courts we must know their is no justice ( corrupt judges, lawyers, court employees, state entities who play a big part of the corruption of guardianship whether they are present or behind the scenes)- we must know they are out to get us with devilish tactics to “screw us”.. throw us away as garbage, so they can go about their “shark feeding frenzy” of stealing estates of innocent guardian prospects they suddenly make their property! This whole country is disgusting. I am sick of hearing how Great America is!? Any country that turns a blind eye to the atrocities done to innocent people under the “guise” of guardianship is certainly not a great country! PEOPLE I SAY WE ARE PEOPLE NOT WARDS! I refuse to resort to using that horrid legal label tacked on our loved ones by calling them “wards of the court!” Everybody fighting this guardian corruption should refrain from accepting our loved ones are WARDS OF THE COURT! My dearest mom was a person, deserving of being treated humanly, deserving of rights under God… not rights any government gave but rights God gave her and every one of us. NO court , NO government has any right to demote human beings to a non human being status! Who gave them that right? God did not! The black robed mobsters , gangsters, and their crony sleezy lawyer buddies who are part of their mob.. have been given no authority under law both Federal and State to demote any human being to non human status! The black robed lawyers certainly have made themselves gods. We need to revolt. When Americans have to flee to other countries for safe haven giving up their citizenship due to America’s run away corrupt judiciary.. we can hardly describe this country as Great! It is far from it! It is a disgrace, operating only under color of law but not applying any law in the court system. Our country is based on LAW. When citizens allow corrupt judiciary to ignore all law relevant in our guardian cases, violate all laws set up to protect us citizens from the present tyranny.. it is not a great country!
    We need to have more protests across the land. We need to work together to organize protests in front of the corrupt court houses. We need to pass out flies exposing the corruption with the present disgusting guardian organized mafia of the probate courts.. we need to get media attention as when the riots took place during Martin Luther King era. We need to demand the dirty U.S. courts clean themselves up and follow law. Judges and lawyers and state regulators who all work together in this corruption need to be brought to trial and prosecuted and imprisoned life sentences. We have to work together. Some think they must have insurance to protect us from law suits.. that we must get permits to peaceably protest. Most want guarantees to be completely protected before they step out and protest. There is no such guarantee. If that is the attitude than there will be no protests no exposure to these crimes against humanity. Under U.S constitution we have a right to protest. If we do not exercise this right we will no longer have it. Like most of our rights have been snuffed away. The protests need to be ongoing. Not one a year .. and that is it. That is not going to get the job done.

  8. Eleanor McLaughlin // January 13, 2019 at 8:23 pm //

    You did nothing of any value in your little Florida Supreme Court Workgroup. I am a survivor of a VOLUNTARY guardianship which was FRAUDULENT from the very beginning. I had been scammed after the death of my last living relative and I was afraid the scammers would keep coming after me. The Guardian was in Volusia County, FL. and he was a very good fabricator. He kept me “in the dark” about what was going on because I was competent. When I followed his instructions to cease the Guardianship, after about 3-4 months, he took me to court alleging that I was incompetent, paranoid, delusional and any other diagnosis code in the DSMIII. This is where the guardian’s greed came in…he knew that I was to inherit $600,000.00 upon my uncle’s death. My uncle was smart enough to change his will, but it cost me my inheritance. It took me 4 years, 3 lawyers, and a great deal of money to get my freedom back. I have records of everything that went on. Just remember, Supreme Court Work-group, someday you or your children will be old and, if you have money, the guardians will be coming for you…one way or another. Shame on you for this sham of a meeting!!! SHAME!!!

    • To Eleanor McLaughlin: please know that at AAAPG (Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship) that this Florida Supreme Court Workgroup was a sham, but as an organization interested in reforming guardianship we frequently take part in sponsored activities that may not yield the results we want but at least by attending we can help mitigate the worst of the proposals so the courts can’t simply continue to have their way without any oversight whatsoever. As small as our progress has been we feel we must engage in groups that are ultimately fruitless but if we do not try then we have NO say whatsoever. We are not your enemy, Eleanor.

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