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1 Comment on Victim Video–Hillary Hogue, Naples FL 12-19-2018

  1. Kathleen Morris // December 21, 2018 at 9:58 pm //

    Thank you again Dr. Sugar for doing these eye opening interviews with victims of America’s shameful corrupt guardian racket. Thank you Hillary Hoag for sharing your nightmare story of how your greedy sister did her dastardly scheme of snaring your father into an unwarranted guardianship – unnecessarily getting your father engulfed in America’s web of probate guardian corruption.. to steal his assets and life savings. I hope your nasty sister found out her scheme backfired and hopefully left her with nothing of your dads wealth! She thought she knew it all but she did not do her homework very well as if she had she would have known the corrupt mobsters of probate guardianship racket are even more greedy than her, who will steal everything leaving her with nothing! Theft is never justified.. but this nightmare would have never happened if your nasty sister had not trotted down to probate and petitioned guardianship! Greedy family members are just as disgusting and evil as dirty court insiders known for exploiting and stealing wealthy elders assets and life savings! Both should be prosecuted and
    put in prison for their crimes! You are very very fortunate your dad is with you, and that you got him out of your sisters control. You are very very fortunate you were not barred from every seeing your dad as I was barred from mom after my greedy sister pulled the same stunt on my beloved mom. You are very fortunate your dad was not drugged to the kilt on dangerous powerful anti psychotics making his health quickly deteriorate until the drugs finally killed him, as they did to my dear mom. You have a lot to be grateful for as most of us who have fought the guardian mobsters are denied visits, phone calls, mail is with held, and cops are called to arrest us if we try to sneak in the facility to visit our parents who are forced “wards of the court”! You have a victory story, for which most of us victims never see.
    Mine was a 5 year battle just trying to get rights to visit my mom. Each lawyer was more and more corrupt and obviously bought off by the racket to DO NOTHING for our cases. Most of us have had to fire many lawyers, who did nothing but lag the case on, not answer calls, finally when in court the crooked lawyer stood mute and offered no defense at all.. while the crooked judge “rail roaded” our parents to an institution , even barred us from any contact with our parents… giving no justification for these egregious restrictions.. isolate, drug to zombie state, then kill them after stealing their estate and assets.
    Your dad is one in a million who got out of it alive..
    Please keep advocating. We need you. There are few who are fighters like you. Most of us are so wounded and burned out, that after our parents are murdered by the guardian mob we retreat, and just try to get on some how, knowing there is no one to go to for redress. Thank you again, for sharing and thank you again Dr. Sugar for being there for us. I had absolutely NO ONE to help me in my nightmare, until God helped me find DR. Sugar on the internet. I pray Dr. Sugar stays in this fight with us for as long as possible.. as he is indeed a “diamond in the rough”… It is very scary and lonely out here fighting such EVIL by ourselves with no where to turn for help. True guardian horror stories have been suppressed by the government and by all dirty scoundrels involved in this nation wide mafia guardian racket… using innocent humans for profit, traumatizing them, having cushy alliance with owners of the corrupt care facilities, and lucrative drug companies that front these facilities… the APS are to be feared as they are the front line runners to find guardian prospects for crooked probate judges. This racket is also deeply involved with funding political campaigns… if we only knew how deep the roots of corruption are, we would all flee this country to find a safe haven of some sort. You are very very fortunate your dad is out of this .. so so few ever get out. It is only God who keeps us in safety. He sent you a guardian angel help you save your dad. May God bless you both and I will pray for your continued safety.

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