Video: Watch a preview of AAAPG’s documentary “BROKEN–the fallout from Guardianship” on YouTube now

AAAPG has produced a documentary “BROKEN–the fallout from Guardianship” featuring numerous first-hand stories of abuse from our members and their families. This full length video tells the stories of how abusive guardians destroy estates, families and lives in graphic detail from cases across America. It explains how the system designed to protect the vulnerable has been twisted into a highly lucrative industry that exploits them instead.

As a member of AAAPG, we are giving you early acces to the video to stimulate discussion, comment and press interest.

AAAPG requests that everyone receiving this email pledge to watch to the production and then send it on to at least 10 other email contacts including clergy, friends, associates and the press.

Please post comments on AAAPG’s YouTube channel after reviewing the production.

This is your opportunity to let the world know the abuse we have endured!

Here is the link to the video:

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