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Book Release–“Guardianships and the Elderly-The Perfect Crime”

Dear Friends

The long awaited release of my book “Guardianships and the Elderly-The Perfect Crime” will be in less than a week. It is the result of over two years of intense research and effort. The book is a comprehensive review of the current state of the Professional Guardianship “system” in America today, revealing the motives, methods and procedures that lead to the destruction of countless American families and fortunes as well advice on how to avoid being taken into a guardianship/conservatorship and how to fight back if it should happen to you or your family. For the first time ever, the book includes a comprehensive listing of every known organization or agency that can or should assist families who find themselves in corrupt or fraudulent guardianships with seemingly nowhere to turn for help.

Every American, and in particular those with even modest assets, is a potential target of this ruthless system of court based wealth extraction and elder exploitation. Every family in America needs to know what is in this book. The information and advice in this book is intended to help keep readers out of State Probate  Equity Courts of and out of potentially new as well as exisiting guardianships. From the long and disquieting history of Equity Courts to the the latest theories of how court insiders pervert exisiting laws in every state to enrich themselves “legally” to an expose of how intentional handler drug overmedication destroys the lives of “wards” to how vast sums of money flow from innocent ciitzens in the pockets of powerful court insiders–the information in this book could save your estate, your life or the life of a loved one, not to mention prevent the grief and anguish of the legal abuse so commonly heaped on probate litigants.

Together, we all must bring the information in this book to the largest readership possible.

I want to go on every television network talk show to expose this court based abuse. I want social media to explode with the terrifying truth about the guardianship racket. I want to confront the miscreants and shame them in public. I want to create a hue and cry for RICO and Class Action suits. I want to make it impossible for the DOJ to continue to ignore the corruption they have closed their eyes to for so long. I want the criminals who have stolen innocent lives to go to prison.

You can help make this book America’s wake up call.

We have kept the price of the book very low intentionally to make it affordable for all. Please consider ordering a copy for yourself and one or two more to give to family and friends by following this link:

Please forward this to anyone else who might need this information.

Also post your (hopefully 5 star) reviews of the book on Amazon !

Thank you for your support


Dr. Sam Sugar