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1 Comment on Victim Video Robert Shepperle 12-20-2018

  1. Kathleen Morris // December 21, 2018 at 2:43 am //

    Thank you again Dr. Sugar for interviewing another victim of the probate guardian organized crime racket – Robert Shepperle. The cases grow more grotesque each one, is unfathomable how our country which claims to be Free has allowed the run away judiciary (black robed mobsters) to get away with these out and out crimes..with no fear of prosecution! The guardian racket must be brought to President Trumps attention
    as a top priority… Americans who have been victimized by the very corrupt American judicial system must flood President Trumps desk with written letters of our specific cases demanding attention to the matters at hand. I do not believe President Trump
    has been fully informed of the magnitude of the organized mafia crime racket spearheaded by the ring leaders which are corrupt judges. President Trump is experiencing the same horrific injustices with corrupt leftist liberal judges who go after him with unfounded
    allegations their MOA to sabotage the good work he is trying to accomplish for the American People. There has never been a President in history who has had to endure such ruthless attacks and harassment as Trump has. I do believe he will take action if thousands of us bombard his Washington desks with this hidden threat to the American people’s freedoms IMPOSITION OF UNWARRANTED GUARDIANSHIP FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE TO STEAL HONEST AMERICAN CITIZENS ASSETS, HOMES, TRUSTS, RUIN OUR FAMILIES DUE TO RUN AWAY CORRUPT JUDICIARY organized crime racket. I believe if we keep hammering Washington and take these crimes perpetuated against the American people he will soon take action and investigate. There are a lot of people who block Trump from getting our truth to him. We must not give up. We must send e-mails but always follow up with the same letters sent USPS. The Attorney Generals are involved with this massive cover-up. Trump is not aware of that. Michigan AG Bill Shutte (who was just voted out but replaced with one just as corrupt) was sent documents by me which proved Attorney Longstreet who specializes in elder law estate planning- who is responsible for placing my mom in a unwarranted guardianship, was caught red handed committing Medicaid and Medicare fraud. The documents I sent him proved this.. He and my nasty sister who hired him to petition guardianship of mom, had filed court documents with both of their signatures stating in two different documents my mother Gladys Bishop was a resident at two nursing homes at the same time. Medicaid and Medicare were billed stating mom resided in a Battle Creek, Michigan facility named Reflections Memory care owned by Scott Ganton, and at the same time another court document stated mom resided at a Hastings,MI nursing home named Thorn Apple Manor. My sister perjured herself by also lying stating she (moms POA) lived in Hastings giving a bogus address. I called the man of this address knowing my sister lived for 35 years in Lansing, Michigan, and he told me he has lived in that home for 60 years and never heard of a Patricia Little. This court document was signed by my sister under oath along with Attorney LongStreet.. a fake document he drafted from his law firm under perjury – which was proven this attorney and my sister committed Medicaid and Medicare fraud! The attorney General Bill Shutte sluffed my formal request for investigation saying this did not fall into AG’s offices duties! Clearly that is the duty of AG’s to investigate Medicaid and Medicare fraud! Every government agency along with Law enforcement
    work in collusion with corrupt run away blacked robed mobsters of this guardian racket. I have exhausted all of them.. to find they are all part of the organized crime racket of guardianship. We must take all our cases to our President and hammer media to cover our stories. It is difficult because everyone seems to be bought off by the mob. We must take our cases to media such as 20/20, 48 hours, 60 minutes, and call every radio talk show that has open line Fridays and blast out the truth of what is going on in this country with this massive egregious probate guardian racket! I do that. Often the host will cut me off cold. But I try to get as much of the truth out on this as I can before I get cut off. Initially I try to get on air AAAPG-founder Sam Sugar- telling listeners to google this. We all must to do this. We need to organize protests with signs and pass out fliers and call news media to cover our protests. The problem we have here is many of the people who are victims start up petty divisions within our groups which sabotages our efforts. This is happening due to infiltrators of the “deep state” , “shadow government”, who are planted in any group which is exposing the probate guardian crime racket!
    This is very discouraging as President Trump is experiencing the same dilemma with in his cabinet. He will take action if we can get enough victims of guardian abuse to hammer his Washington desk. I am very sorry for all you are going through. It is utterly despicable the pain and suffering of the guardian mobsters, traumatizing good honest law abiding American citizens. And to think how you are also a disabled Vet having to live this nightmare of injustice! It is very disheartening while going through this hell when so many people (relatives, friends and the like) turn a blind eye and even
    shun us and cut us out of their lives and refuse to get involved in any way! That is the real clincher!
    We are left totally abandoned left to fight this monster alone for God’s sake! This certainly reveals the selfish mindset of most people.. comparable to victims of the Jewish Holocaust… it was very difficult to find anyone to open their hearts and doors and help those people who were persecuted and seeking safe refuge from being sent to be exterminated in concentration camps! I found no one to help me in the 5 year nightmare trying to save mom! And I exhausted every avenue for help and found no one.. except Dr. Sam Sugar. May God bless him forever more for reaching out to us victims and for exposing these horrendous crimes of guardian abuse in America by writing his book. You Robert Shepperle are in my prayers.. as your wife and your beloved mom.

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