You are at risk!


Your very life is at risk, grave risk.

Everything you own, including your own freedom and priceless Human and American civil rights can be taken from you—worse than for a mass murderer– and your life forever decimated if you are targeted by predators who lurk behind the black robes of an administrative probate judge in State courts all around the country.

And as long as that colluding administrative judge authorizes the predator’s heinous actions, it is all legal, unassailable, and cannot be effectively challenged. You and anyone who tries to support you and your wishes will be endlessly and mercilessly vilified, exploited, threatened and consumed by a greed driven system that crushes everything in its path for the singular purpose of creating billable hours—which you must pay– and at the expense of everyone else involved in this heinous excuse for acting in the “best interests of the ward”.

You may believe that our systems of governmental and legal checks and balances and laws and your civil rights protect you from such predation. You are mistaken. Tragically and dangerously mistaken.

The system of justice that you learned about as a child is a fiction. The rights that you have been told throughout your lifetime are supposed to be inalienable are not. The plans for your end-of-life including advanced directives are a mirage. The lawyers whom you have trusted and paid to protect you in the event of a legal challenge to your end-of-life plans will not do so. The trust that you have placed in our government to do its primary job of protecting its citizens from enemies foreign and domestic has been violated.

If someone wants what you have, if somebody wants to destroy you, if someone wishes to abuse you and exploit you, if someone is unhappy with the way you are managing your finances or the plans you have made for downstream inheritance there is a mechanism in place for them to succeed with very little standing in their way and almost nothing to lose.

No matter how wealthy and powerful you are, this unholy racket can ensnare you. In fact, the wealthier you are the more likely you are to become a target. Any trivial sign of vulnerability like forgetfulness or any chronic or sudden illness that lands you in a hospital or emergency center can trigger this furtive system to pounce on you with no warning, in secret and with complete impunity. You can be snatched off the street by the police for involuntary confinement in a psychiatric facility in which you will be immediately drugged into submission for something as banal as not walking straight. That incarceration often begins a long steep downward spiral to the engines of this system—litigate, overmedicate, isolate, take the estate, cremate the remains and annihilate anyone who dares to protest.

The American system of equity probate courts is fatally and hopelessly broken. All too often it completely fails in its statutory mission to protect the most vulnerable among us. But for the court insiders who traffic the elderly for-profit in these courts, the system is immensely profitable, ridiculously easy, and unassailable. For that reason alone, the system is resolutely resistant to any change that could possibly interfere with the lucre generated by the bloodsport of professional guardianship litigation at the expense of everyone in the process other than the court insiders.

Corrupt professional guardianship cases are exploding all over the country. Each one is brazen and astonishing. For every one of the predators who has been brought to justice around the country there are countless others who have been free to pillage estates and abuse older Americans whose only crime was aging in America.

Legislative tweaks to the statutes that govern this racket only encourage the predators to find workarounds and loopholes by which to continue their dirty work. More importantly, arrogant judges who sit in these courts brazenly ignore and often willingly violate the very statutes designed to protect the public from predation. They make a mockery of due process and rules of evidence with blatantly corrupt ex parte meetings with court insiders in which deals are struck and the fate of the innocent decided. They rig the system for the determination of incapacity by appointing examiners who will faithfully return opinions that facilitate the predation in return for the promise of more cases and more payment from the court. They openly and intentionally scoff at any opinion from even the greatest medical experts that contradicts the predetermined outcomes of court-appointed examiner’s. With no effective supervision or monitoring and the cover of absolute judicial immunity, judges who choose to be complicit in this racket make a mockery of the law in search of whatever emoluments accrue to them by their masterminding this racket.

The damage done to the families involved is nothing short of complete devastation. Multiple generations whose inheritances are demolished by mountains of billable hour fees from armies of lawyers suffer from the loss of what should have been their rightful inheritance. Moreover, they suffer enormous pain and emotional damage from being separated from the ones they love most by sadistic guardians, greed driven lawyers and uncaring fatally biased judges.

Once enmeshed in the life draining tentacles of this monstrous racket there is no escape. The strategy and tactics of the predators and the outcomes are always the same. The tales of woe from the victims are predictable and horrifying.

No one wins but the predators.

The system is perfectly and hopelessly rigged.

You have been warned.

The rest is up to you.

  • Do everything you can to stay away from equity probate courts.
  • Never ask a lawyer to solve a family dispute. His primary interest is getting well paid because there is “plenty of money for everyone” in these litigation cases.
  • Make sure to resolve disputes among siblings if possible. Those disputes inevitably lead to the loss of a loved one and an inheritance.
  • Become educated and knowledgeable about this topic
  • Make sure your advance directives are in place and are as bulletproof as possible.

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