AAAPG Memorial Tribute Project

March 8, 2021

Dear AAAPG members and advocates,

As you may know, AAAPG will present our 2021 Guardianship Symposium in 2 sessions, Sunday April 11 starting at 6:00PM EDST and again on Monday April 12, 2021 at 9AM EDST. These 2 online sessions can be reserved at $15.00 per session at

We will bring together an impressive panel of national experts to share information, ideas, analysis, trends and topics about the ever-growing menace that is abusive guardianship. Guardianship abuse still receives far too little attention given it’s scope, especially in the midst of the parallel crisis of the COVID pandemic.  The horrific deaths in nursing homes around the country during the pandemic (especially in New York State) and the ageism that precipitated them are prominent features of the discrimination that is a major driver of guardianship and elder abuse.

I would like to announce a new AAAPG project—An online Memorial for all those victims of probate guardianship abuse, where loved ones can submit stories that memorialize and honor their family members. I believe this project will tell the harrowing stories of the victims and their families that are to date largely unknown or have regrettably been forgotten. Those of us that have been involved or know someone who has been involved in guardianship abuse can easily create these memorials for future generations to come that will say -never again in their names. The web site will provide a repository summarizing each documented case along with a repository for pictures as well.

It may also serve to one day document a national petition to the Federal Government for the crimes against humanity that it represents.

You can add your story to the collection at the following link

Let’s come together in April and make a difference. Not just for ourselves but for every American that has been a witness or victim to this national tragedy.

With Warmest Regards

Dr. Sam Sugar

For questions about the memorial project email
[email protected]