This is what it will take

But none of these predators practice in a vacuum. They live in our communities, they may attend religious services, they may sit on the boards of community institutions including schools, they go to health clubs and golf courses, and in order to do all these things they must maintain a controlled positive profile. They do not want their pictures in the paper in any negative way.

What will it take? Part 7

Those of us who have become well acquainted with the guardianship racket have long understood the perfidy of the three major court insiders.  We have been focused on misbehavior and criminality by judges, guardians and lawyers who have caused such harm to so many we love.  But none of these predators practice in a vacuum.  They live in our communities, they may attend religious services, they may sit on the boards of community institutions including schools, they go to health clubs and golf courses, and in order to do all these things they must maintain a controlled positive profile.  They do not want their pictures in the paper in any negative way.  In order to sustain their veneer of propriety, they must avoid negative publicity and appear to be “good people”.  They must project the image of being charitable by supporting the “right” charities and institutions.  They are extremely vulnerable to being publicly shamed.  In the Britney Spears case look how quickly so many of the predators jumped ship as soon as they realized that their names were going to be dragged through the mud in the news.

As advocates and victims we have not fought back smartly.  We have attempted to fight the enemy on their turf.  That is essentially an impossibility as we have learned the hard way.  David could never have defeated Goliath without positioning himself on the high ground away from the strength of his overpowering enemy.  In other words, trying to overcome these predators on the killing fields that they own– the courts and the entire legal judicial system–  is futile for now.

There are now thousands of us, like-minded motivated angry victims desperate to fight back.  We have produced countless lawsuits, books, articles, complaints, court motions, reports, not to mention tears, heartaches, and rage.  We might do well to take a different approach of leveraging our communities’ social power to expose what the predators in our own communities do when they are at work. I am not talking about Facebook posts. Perhaps if we simply called attention to what they do to innocent people, their neighbors would be so offended that they would shun them, vote them off boards and committees, stop letting their children associate with theirs, not sell to them, etc. It would be the equivalent of the Scarlet letter.

It might be possible to recruit leaders within our communities to design and execute programs to achieve the goal of elevating and educating our friends and neighbors (many of them simply cannot believe how awful the situation really is) with specially designed community programs to highlight and sensitize good people to the presence of predators in their backyard.

Every individual who is reading this information right now can become a powerful leader in the intergenerational battle to save our loved ones and ultimately ourselves. 

Here are a few obvious examples of community resources that could be leveraged to this end:

  • Clergy: All of us who are believers in religion should meet with our clergy and demand a weekend be dedicated to elder probate abuse awareness with sermons, guest speakers, discussion groups, etc.  Preferably on a specific day nationwide.
  • Local LE: Local PD’s need to be calmly educated by us to accept reports from victims and families by articulate activists and not during times of crisis when most people are closed off to new information.  This is a critical step in that the training many long-term law enforcement officers have been given over time is simply incorrect situation has prevented law enforcement from taking our complaints properly a sliver furnace to lawyers for what they referred to as a civil issue.
  • Local Elected Officials: It is much easier to meet with them than with statewide officials. They are the ones to start legislative changes.
  • Local schools: educating young children about what might happen to their beloved grandparents and create a tsunami of emotion and reaction.
  • Local reporters: using the Britney Spears situation to open a dialogue with local TV radio and print media could lead to feature stories about a family member which would simply need to tell the truth without taking sides.  In those local stories the reactions of the predators need only be described honestly to effectively tar and feather them.
  • Healthcare workers: abusive guardianship easily fits into the parameters of a healthcare emergency.  Educating doctors and nurses and other healthcare workers who are often witness to the physical and emotional abuse perpetrated on our loved ones could result in positive progress when more and more people recognize that emergency room visits, recurrent hospitalizations, bedsores, and all the other stigmata of progressive medical guardianship abuse more quickly and easily recognized and those who recognize them are better trained and how this abuse comes about and how they can help to prevent further cases.
  • Veterans organizations: there are far too many veterans who have become victimized by this racket.  Veterans organizations should be eager to intervene and become solid supporters of this agenda.  Many VFW’s strong connections to the media and to I inflation veterans in the business world.
  • Other equity court victims: there are countless victims of the criminal equity court system in divorce court, Family Court, and dependency court.  They are not hard-to-find social media and uniting with them in a unified opposition to the criminality we experienced would not be a difficult and could be extremely powerful simply in terms of manpower and motivation.
  • Political party operatives at the local level are the ones who determine who is slated to run for office for their party.  Finding candidates to replace predatory judges, clerks of court, school board members, commissioners and other positions of influence within our communities must be a priority in communities that want to avoid the abuses we see on a regular basis from various elected officials who are either ignorant of, insensitive to or complicit with the atrocities and abuses we have witnessed.  I

What is clear from the discussion above is that making change in our society always has to do with the polity—the people who are governed and who have the greatest stake in the proper functioning of their government.  These are your friends and neighbors.  They live right next door.  They will become your allies if they are given education, direction and motivation.  And remember, every one of them votes every two years.

So, perhaps this is the moment that we come together with a common purpose and a clear-cut national game plan to energize and leverage the manpower already in our hands with a formal standardized program of education, political action, social persuasion, media engagement, religious outreach and law enforcement engagement to even the playing field in what has been historically an asymmetric war on our families waged by the predators in equity courts.

Maybe this is what will finally take.

Now it’s time to hear from you!  If you want this to happen you will have to be the point person in your community.  You will be the one to carry out this social crusade to save our loved ones.  Do you want to sit by and watch the status quo kill more of us, or are you in?