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Michigan: WXYZ ABC News Detroit Reports of Rampant Abuses in Adult Guardianships held by Public Administrators

Investigative Reporter Heather Catallo is giving victims and their family members a voice that Michigan Probate Courts refuse to hear.

Heather Catallo-WXYZ ABC News Detroit

Early in 2017 AAAPG recognized many calls from victims and family members in Michigan of probate judges routinely ignoring due process requirements, estate documents, Michigan state laws and federal requirements in their commitment to initiate local professional guardianships.  In May investigative reporter Heather Catallo began reporting on abuses in Michigan probate courts where the homes of deceased citizens were sold to third parties by public administrators assigned to probate the estates.  Family members were reporting they were routinely told they would receive no inheritance even though sizeable assets were apparent at the time of death and family members had been appointed in wills as executors.  Two public administrators, attorneys appointed by the Michigan Attorney General’s Office to handle both adult guardianship and probate matters, were dismissed due to an investigation initiated by Oakland County Clerk Lisa Brown.  AAAPG took the opportunity to elevate several egregious cases to Ms. Catallo that demonstrated many of these acts of fraud commence in adult guardianship proceedings.  Several probate judges in Macomb, Wayne, Oakland, Newaygo, and Muskegon were singled out along with the public administrators (attorneys and professional guardians) they routinely supported.

Heather launched her first report on October 12th and two follow-up stories over the next 5 days.  Before the first segment aired Judge O’Brien of Oakland County took steps to silence WXYZ’s reports.  Fortunately for the victims, WXYZ has not been deterred and is filing an appeal to insure the 1st Amendment rights are protected.  They are continuing to air their reports.  AAAPG continues to expose the arrogance of many guardianship judges and the extent to which they will go to silence the victims and protect the fraud being sponsored in their courts.  Watch WXYZ’s first three segments at the below links.  Families of victims in Michigan are encouraged to contact AAAPG or Heather Catallo at WXYZ at the address provided in the attached segments.  October 17, 2017  October 13, 2017  October 12, 2017

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  1. Theodora Whitaker // October 27, 2017 at 1:12 pm //

    My Brother died in Sept and was under the guardianship order of Judge Michelle Bianchi of Hillsdale County MI who assigned a person known as Denise Horn. Denise Horn has yet to notify me, his sister or my family of when or where his Death took place I have sent a certified letter Oct 2, 2017 it was received by the court I have a receipt. I left another message with Judge Michelle Bianchi’s Clerk, her name was Gwen who gave me no information and acted like I was personally insulting Ms. Denise Horn I wonder how much nepotism is involved in the office because when I called Judge Bianchi personal assistant Jessica and told her what was going on she had no idea what I was talking about. This was October 17, 2017, she then said that the Judge would get in touch with me at the end of the day. It is now October 27 and I still have not heard from the Judge or Ms Horn. My brother is dead I don’t know the date or the time or if he was given last rites. Where is his body? They won’t even tell me that. My family wants these answers.

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