Guardianship News:


American Against Abusive Probate Guardianship (AAAPG), was founded in South Florida in 2013 by Dr. Sam J Sugar.  AAAPG has been in the national forefront of focusing attention to the plight of victims of Guardianship Abuse ever since.

Dr. Sam J Sugar, MD- Founder-President

Sam J Sugar M.D. is a board-certified specialist in internal medicine residing with his wife Judy in Hollywood,Florida. They are the proud grandparents of 11 beautiful grandchildren. A  1972 graduate of the University of Illinois College of Medicine and a faculty member at both Rush Medical School and  Northwestern University Feinberg School Medicine in Chicago, Dr. Sugar is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians.

Dr. Sugar founded AAAPG in 2013 as a result of his personal experiences in the probate process in Miami-Dade probate court. Dr. Sugar has been extensively published and quoted in the media in regards to his activism against probate guardianship elder abuse and has been instrumental in the development and passage of guardianship reform laws in in Florida. He is a frequent lecturer and contributor to social media on the subject of abusive guardianship.

Dr. Sugar can be reached at 855 913 5337 x101


Rick Black- National Director for Intake 

Rick Black left a successful career in the private sector to devote his time and energy to helping victims of the fraudulent guardianship process which took the life and assets of his father in law Del Mancarelli in Las Vegas. His efforts led to numerous indictments of criminal guardians in Nevada.

Rick is responsible for cataloging new case reports for eventual use by government agencies and for outreach to newly reported victims across the country. Rick and his wife Terri live in North Carolina and have been working with AAAPG since 2016.

Rick can be reached at 855 913 5337 x104


Kelley Smoot Garrett- Executive VP and CIO

Texas resident Kelley Smoot Garrett started working with AAAPG after attending our first NAtional Day of Protest in Orlando Florida in 2015. Her mother;s estate fell victim to an unscrupulous guardian in New Mexico and her keen analytical abilities revealed corruption at the highest levels of the New Mexico judicial system including the looting of IOLTA accounts.

Kelley runs AAAPG-NM and reports regularly on the status of abused wards there. She graciously takes time to direct our IT efforts and is responsible for our website and internet presence.

she lives with husband Danny Garrett in Texas.

Kelley can be reached at 855 913 5337 x103


Laura Bedrossian- Social Media Director

Laura joined AAAPG in 2017 after reading a New Yorker article that detailed the abuses in Las Vegas by an abusive guardian there. With an extensive background in media she is responsible for spreading the AAAPG message to the public via all forms of media.

Laura lives in Astoria, New York.

Laura can be reached at 855 913 5337 x 109



SJS Medfund dba AAAPG is a Florida 501c3 non profit corporation. Donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.