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Michigan: Attorney General and Federal Authorities Investigating Probate Court Practices

Detroit area public administrators Barbara Andruccioli-Oakland County, Cecil St. Pierre-Macomb and Joseph Xuereb-Wayne resign or are fired after WXYZ ABC News Expose

Michigan Attorney General

Investigative reporter Heather Catallo of ABC News affiliate WXYZ in Detroit has been exposing corrupt practices across Michigan’s probate court system commonly used to financially exploit vulnerable citizens before and after death.  AAAPG is assisting Michigan victims to navigate the complex process of gaining investigations of fraudulent involuntary adult guardianships and appreciate the coverage by WXYZ.  The recent raid of the offices of Detroit real estate brokerage Probate Asset Recovery and its owner Ralph Roberts will hopefully bring forth criminal indictments in the coming months.  Please view Heather’s August and September 2017 segments at:

WXYZ ABC News – Metro Detroit Man Faced Conservatorship in Probate Case  September 8, 2017

WXYZ ABC News – Michigan Attorney General Wants Reform for Probate Practice  September 7, 2017

WXYZ ABC News – Investigations Probate Public Officials Terminated and Resign after 7 Action News Investigation  August 3, 2017


3 Comments on Michigan: Attorney General and Federal Authorities Investigating Probate Court Practices

  1. Kimberly Lamky // October 14, 2017 at 9:05 am //

    I have been involved in an ongoing court case in Ogemaw County, MI regarding my Grandmother’s estate for over 3 yrs now and currently see no end in sight for the corruption that has taken place there. I would be very interested in speaking with someone in regards. It would be greatly appreciated it if someone could reach out to me and offer some advice or assistance.

  2. Where do I begin? Been involved in an ongoing case regarding my mother, (Juleda Naomi Kidder), it all started back in Feburary, 2016, involving, my mother and my sister, who have had a fueled relationship through out there lives and my sister was living in my mother’s home, well an indecent occur between the two of them where, adult protection services got involved and that Tiffany Barber from APS came out to my mother’s home to do her report of abuse? In talking to Ms. Barber which she made me aware of this, I acted immediately being the successor, and POA over my mother’s financial and medical needs and written in her trust, I got this situation resolved between my sister and my mother. In my conversations I have had with Ms. Barber, never once did she ever bring up that they were going to file a petition with 36th district probate to apply for guardianship. So in May, of 2016, guardianship was awarded by Judge David Braxton to have, Family Option Service serve as my mother’s guardian. This gets better! I NEVER knew of this until Feb, 2017, when I received a call from Kathlynn Brown, who’s owner of Family Option Services saying that they are my mother’s legal guardian, cause my mother was in the hospital at the time at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital, and I am like what? I am my mother’s POA, for medical and financial situation’s and she said NO, they are the legal guardian as of May, 2016, I asked her to send me a copy of that petition, cause I was NEVER served to appear in court in May 2016. So I did get a copy of that petition that was filed by APS, and Tiffany Barber that was filed in April, 2016, and Judge Braxton okay it in May, 2016. On the petition deems that my mother is medically incompediate, it had my sister’s name on the petition with her address, and my name Dennis Ford, (son) address unknown, only had my phone number and my email address. You’d think in my conversations that I did have with APS, and there attorney Maria Vujaj, that they would tell me what was going on, and never asked me for my address either, so I was never served. My mother was taken from her home on Feb, 17th, 2017, and is now at Advantage Living Center, she hasn’t been home since, I had to hire an attorney on 05/11/2017, so that I can get this guardianship modified to me, been through hell, with this mess, we had a court date set on 07/17/17, which we never had a chance to get to explain our case, so our court date has been set for 10/26/2017. There’s also been a court appointed co-trustee, James McCann, who’s overseeing my mother’s estate, bank accounts, etc. With the attorney that I had to hire, I am already 20,000 in debt for these attorney bills, with no guarantee of getting my mother in a better situation than she is now. I am just giving you a view of this, I may have missed a few things in between the lines, but as I have said, this whole thing is a complete mess, my mother is being held captive in a Living Center that does her no good, 2-3 weeks ago, she fell at Advantage Living Center and broke her femur, and was at Beaumont Hospital Wayne for 2 weeks, now she’s back at the Living center now. This is a situation, of a scam!!!! My attorneys back in July,2017 had me added to my mother’s bank accounts has trustee to her accounts, so that I can pay her bills. Don’t know what anyone can do for me, in between working 50-55 hours a week, and trying to stay on top of my mother’s interest is pretty stressful to say the least. Talk about being taken advantage of. This is one. Just want to put it out there.

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