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1 Comment on Rick Black’s presentation at the National Silver Haired Congress annual meeting

  1. Victoria Ragland // September 15, 2017 at 12:58 pm //

    My husband and I have been traumatized in the most inhumane ways possible by DHSS in 2 states: Virginia and Missouri where my husband has been held for no reason against his will since February 2016. His Conservator in Virginia has sold almost all his 1.4 million estate which included stocks, 3 IRAs, 5 properties for 50% less than their worth all cash money. Then let us get evicted from our newly furnished home by removing my name from a lease then not renewing it. My 2 beagles and I have been forced to live in cheap motels until my life savings ran out. That was their way of making sure I had no place to bring my poor husband to. I lived in my car some weeks last winter and as recently as last month. We are traumatized completely. My husband is a WW2 veteran and retired executive from Verizon with a pension and SS # that we mever see but $1000 a month but after I pay bills and money to frinds for couchs to sleep on…thete is none left for food, gas… we just want to be together!! Thats all. Help free my husband please. I am desperate and begging for help.
    816 804 0874

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