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New Mexico: Sierra County Probate Judge Pam Smith Forced to Resign

New Mexico Probate Judge Pam Smith Web Staff  October 12, 2017 06:57 PM

TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES, N.M. — A probate judge in southern New Mexico has been forced to resign in the face of some serious criminal charges.  According to documents from the Judicial Standards Commission, Sierra County Probate Judge Pam Smith will never be a judge in New Mexico again.  Documents show she’s accused of using her position to allow her and her husband to take possession of a dead man’s estate. The documents claim the Smiths then closed the man’s bank accounts and transferred around $280,000 into their own accounts.

Why do so many probate and guardianship judges not protect the citizens and their heirs?  Maybe because there is no oversight and the money is too big and too easy to grab (Editor)?  Click here to see the full article.

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  1. Thank you,, Rick Black, for posting this article about what happens in (lower, smaller) probate courts across New Mexico. An attorney must have complained about this Judge to the Judicial Standards Commission for them to release this information AND act upon it.

    So just imagine – if this type of theft of $220,000++ occurs in an open, non-sequestered probate court, imagine what the automatic sequestration of all court documents does in guardianship cases across New Mexico? How many millions have been stolen by judges using guardianship’s automatic sequestration to hide their theft? We will most likely never know, unless the Feds choose to investigate the District Court Judges that have shown themselves to be willing accomplices in judicial corruption: retired Judge John Paternoster (8th Judicial Dist.), 2nd Judicial Dist judges Baerla-Shepard, Nash, Huling, Campbell, Malott, the notorious Judge Brickhouse who’s been written of many times, but nothing ever happens to her even though she has even documented to have let her appointed conservators and trustee misuse and sell off property without her order and against what written orders. Just imagine what the public could learn if sequestration was lifted in ALL guardianship cases?

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