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U.S. Department of Justice looking into Guardianship Abuse

United States Dept of Justice United States Dept of Justice

The moment a judge signs the order for an involuntary guardianship they have designated your loved one “disabled”.  These individuals are protected by the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1993 and the Olmstead Act provision enacted in 1999 to protect those unlawfully institutionalized and isolated.  Most adult guardianship adjudicating courts completely ignore these obligations.  These violations provide federal authorities the opportunity to step in and demand protections in the best interests and expressed interests of the alleged incapacitated person.

We started this campaign in August 2017 and want as many complaints as possible filed with the Department of Justice/ADA in 4Q2017.  AAAPG is working directly with DOJ personnel to insure follow-up on these complaints.

If you or a loved one’s case meets one of these two criterion please file a complaint by clicking the following link:  Dept of Justice/ADA Complaints

  1. Living victims who are or have been INVOLUNTARILY CONSCRIPTED, or kept, in an adult guardianship, especially when advance directives were denied or state law designates a family member or friend to serve.
  2. Living or deceased victims who have been removed from their residences and INVOLUNTARILY INSTITUTIONALIZED and isolated from legitimate family or friends by the guardian. (Olmstead Act Violations)

If any questions, feel free to contact Rick Black ASAP by phone: (855) 913 5337 x104 or by email:

6 Comments on U.S. Department of Justice looking into Guardianship Abuse

  1. Lawyers in my mother’s probate case are threatening to put my sister in jail for making improvements to the home and making contributions directly into her account. GOE, GAL, judge and the lawyer and firm all working together to separate my mother’s support system in order to put her in a nursing home. Communications to the law firm’s senior partner are being ignored. I have written several letters over the years to the presiding judges and Chief judge just to be ignored for months with NO help to look into the illegal and malfeasance proceedings taking place in the court room. My case is just like the ones I’ve read about in New Mexico and Nevada, where it’s all about money and nothing else! This is happening in the Cook County Circuit Court which is currently under investigation due to a number of pay-to-play activities.

    • A.J., Cook County is a hotspot and we have many other victim family members there that are speaking out. Please contact me and we can put you in touch. In numbers we have at least a fighting chance of exposing the issue and gaining much needed reforms. S178 passing is a start but we have much activism yet to do.

  2. My husband and I have been through pure hell I was durable power of attorney Morgan County Missouri went behind our back to court said he didn’t have one which I was. They stuck my husband in a nursing home said he was incompetent which he has letters from doctors saying otherwise. The county made me homeless causing everything we owned to be stolen after 40 years of me working.the county owned nursing home set about to pad the bill stealing all the money we had or would ever have. Guardian along with county lawyers cashed in a 100000 dollar annuity for 60000. Wasn’t due till 2018 cashed in also 750 dollar a month payments for the rest of his life for undisclosed amount. Put me in jail crooked judge said he was gonna teach me a lesson which I spent 6 months in county owned jail. After getting out set about to free my husband and he was released 7 24 2017 after 3 years 10 months under guardianship which he is still under just a friend of mine. Original guardian sold or stole everything we owned. We want and need help. I have all proof.

  3. You can google me at health impact news Helen Taylor to read our story. My phone number is 573 569 3409

  4. This is not a new scam but a new twist. Probate judges pushing cases on to lawyers that lay in wait to take over a humans justifying it by saying they are housed and fed I must be paid for it. Judges overburdened in the courts throw their hands up and in the give carte blanch to unscrupulous lawyers and their help. I fear this new human trafficking game will only get worse with baby boomers enter retirement and 401k accounts look mighty inviting to some. How can this be In America. Why does complaints of kidnapped parents fall on deaf ears? Why are false accusations magnified by a “court officer” and blindly believed while all wards of the court are handled like livestock and not beloved parents. My father is in heaven now, free from being beaten in a nursing home, free from fear and longing for his chair to watch the evening news, free form crying to be taken home to his children. Free from the grasp of a do nothing probate judge and finally free from a lying dishonest court appointed lawyer and executor that allowed our child hood home to be foreclosed on and had all our childhood memories thrown in a 22 yard dumpster. Thank you Thomas B Fraser and Judge O’Brian. My Daddy is at rest and your being investigated I pray you rot in jail. I’m not signing my name as i know i’m just one of many according to wxyz Detroit news show tonight.

    • Cordon Angel, hang in there and continue to have courage. All the victims past and present must speak out with Ms. Catallo to insure future victims are protected. Until Fraser and O’Brien are sanctioned, disbarred, or prosecuted nothing will change and the growth of victims will continue.

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