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DOJ looking into guardianship abuse

United States Dept of Justice United States Dept of Justice

AAAPG is assisting the United states Department of Justice to identify cases of Guardianship abuse for the DOJ to look into for further evaluation.

IF your case meets one of these two criteria:

  1. Living Victims (only) who are or have been INVOLUNTARILY placed, or kept, in a professional, public or private, guardianship, especially when advance directives have been ignored or when state law designates a family member or friend to serve, and/or
  2. Victims, living or deceased, have been removed from their residences, INSTITUTIONALIZED AND ISOLATED from legitimate family or friends by the guardian. (Olmstead Act Violations)

Then please contact Rick Black ASAP by phone: (855) 913 5337 x104 or by email:

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  1. Lawyers in my mother’s probate case are threatening to put my sister in jail for making improvements to the home and making contributions directly into her account. GOE, GAL, judge and the lawyer and firm all working together to separate my mother’s support system in order to put her in a nursing home. Communications to the law firm’s senior partner are being ignored. I have written several letters over the years to the presiding judges and Chief judge just to be ignored for months with NO help to look into the illegal and malfeasance proceedings taking place in the court room. My case is just like the ones I’ve read about in New Mexico and Nevada, where it’s all about money and nothing else! This is happening in the Cook County Circuit Court which is currently under investigation due to a number of pay-to-play activities.

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