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Hidden Truth Revealed: Stand up, Speak out Hidden Truth Revealed: Stand up, Speak out

AAAPG is staffed by volunteers who spend their time and money traveling across America, raising awareness of the dangers of guardianship abuse, as conducted by courts in almost all 50 states, and advocating on behalf of our members, as we seek to reform how the courts conduct guardianship cases.  Here are some of our most recent live appearances:

May 17, 2017AAAPG National Director Rick Black was hosted on BlogTalk Radio by F.A.C.E.U.S. founders Lulu Fleming and Robin Austin, discussing the trial and guilty verdict delivered by Nevada District Court against abusive guardian Helen Natko on April 12, 2017.  Also discussed are the recent indictments in Nevada of abusive guardian April Parks, her husband and her employee, as well as Parks’ attorney, Noel Palmer Simpson on over 270 felony indictments for exploitation of a vulnerable person, racketeering, and fraud.

Four years ago Rick and his wife Terri were exposed to fraudulent guardianship. Terri’s father Del Mencarelli was financially exploited and when Rick and Terri went to Las Vegas to help him, Del’s landlord and friend, Helen Natko, took him hostage. Rick and Terri were forced to seek help through Clark County Family Court and enlightened to the perversion of guardianship. Two years later Del died in the home of his exploiter and court appointed guardian — Helen Natko — his foot black with gangrene due to a neglected infection.  Nearly $1 million was lost to Natko and the Nevada court’s consuming Del’s estate through fraudulent guardianship.

Listen to the entire 2-hour program at this link here, where Rick Black discusses not only Nevada guardianships’ prosecution, but also new events in Florida, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and other states.

April 28, 2017: AAAPG VP Kelley Smoot Garrett traveled to Albuquerque to attend the first meeting of the New Mexico Adult Guardianship Study Commission. The first three hours of recording are testimony of  the public, the vast majority of which are stories of abject abuse by New Mexican courts and their appointed attorneys.  The afternoon featured a presentation by Vice Chairman Galindo explaining the meaning of New Mexico’s guardianship statutes, which include the right of any District Court Judge to violate or outright void POAs and replace your choice of guardian with a third-party choice of the Judge.

Also discussed during this meeting, and specifically in the Vice Chair Galindo’s afternoon presentation, were excuses as to why the New Mexico courts have failed to obey

1) Rules (NMRA 1-079 (D) (7), (9); NMRA 12-314 (C) (9), (12)) and

2) Statutes (NMSA 45-5-303 (I); NMSA 45-5-407 (M).

Failure to make the names of Wards, the duration of their guardianship/conservatorship, and the failure to publish the entire case docket for all guardianship cases means the courts effectively ‘disappear’ any citizen who has been conscripted into guardianship. There is no way for the public to find out who is held in guardianship in the state of New Mexico, and this secrecy has been allowed because the courts do not obey the law.

March 22, 2017: AAAPG VP Kelley Smoot Garrett traveled to Albuquerque to be a panel member on the Albuquerque Journal’s Townhall meeting. Kelley received a standing ovation from attendees when she called on New Mexico Attorney General Balderas to follow Nevada’s example by empaneling grand juries, presenting them with the proof of exploitation of wards by their guardianship and court-appointed attorneys serving as conservators and trustees, and get the attorneys and judges who have committed these crimes tried, and if found guilty, jailed.