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Nevada: Judge Charles Hoskins & Commissioner Jon Norheim have yet to be held accountable

When will the Nevada Judiciary take responsibility for its judges?

Left: Commissioner Jon Norheim; Right: Judge Charles Hoskins Left: Commissioner Jon Norheim; Right: Judge Charles Hoskins

Below is the link to the piece KTNV ABC News ran on Tuesday night on guardian Helen Natko’s felony conviction for theft and exploitation of a vulnerable person.

Natko’s conviction further indicts Commissioner Jon Norheim and Judge Charles Hoskin for their longstanding bias to insert guardians to insure the exploitation of the estates of the vulnerable brought before them by their court allies.

The criminal court system cut 90% of the evidence out and used only the evidence Terri and I put before Norheim in our first petition on June 27, 2013. Evidence Norheim refused to recognize. How fitting that Norheim ignored Del’s only child’s petition and the evidence presented, and the states efforts over the next two years, in his commitment to aid his friends and waste Del’s $500,000 estate.

· Norheim denied Elder Protective Service’s (EPS) investigation had any validity…yet he often used their reports to convict innocent family members.

· Norheim ignored EPS’s enforcement referral to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department issued on April 4, 2014.

· Norheim denied communications from Detective Frances Emery that Metro was investigating with the intent to indict the summer of 2014 when he sponsored a 12 day trial to determine who would be the guardian of Del Mencarelli. He ultimately awarded sole general guardianship to Helen Natko claiming no evidence of wrongdoing was presented and officially removed Del from his family and estate documents holder.

· Norheim ignored Clark County District Attorney’s indictment of Natko on October 24, 2014.

· Norheim has testified before the grand jury in the Parks and Simpson indictments in early 2017 that he held everyone accountable to Nevada state law and nobody ever presented evidence of wrongdoing by Parks or anyone else he appointed as guardian.

In the face of evidence surely Nevada judicial leadership does not believe Norhiem’s contrived ignorance?