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  1. This is my situation the court willingly helping attorneys to get more “attorney fees” without any “BENEFIT(S)” to my biological mother. I am the least restrictive alternative guardian (in means a biological daughter taken care of biological mother the Court does not have jurisdiction, or legal authority to write any court order(s).) In my case, the attorney just created one, two, three… and so one court orders. I don’t know what the court is doing. I continue to take care of my beloved mother. Then process server banged on the door so loud, heavy banged, knocked on the window, screamed his head off to serve me court paper to show up in the courtroom (I found out it was him tried to serve me court paper on that date when I tried to go to funeral home). My mother died from stroke few days later. she was scared to death from the banging on the door and windows. We all tried to calm her and hold her hands but even we were all scared by that process server’s banging and screaming. My mother did not have guardian. But court paper created “property guardian” for looting her financial assets. From June 2016 to February 2018, the court appointed attorney(s) and the law firm took over $250,000. That is not enough for the attorneys. Now these attorneys are seeking all of my inheritance for attorney fees and if not enough they got court order to go after me for my own money. As of November 25, 2018, I still did not receive my inheritance. The attorneys created court orders to have me as contempt to court even without court jurisdiction (court did not have legal authority). The contempt to court was Hurricane IRMA when all courthouse was closed. Florida Supreme Court court order AOSC17-59. But still put me in jail for 16 days 10.5 hours. During that time, I was in chain, shackles, handcuffs while the attorney(s) demanded my father’s car (I am the personal representative), my father’s title under Trust house and demand for money. All of these was inside the courtroom while Judge demand that I sign the consent judgment or I will have to go back to jail and attorney(s) kept making demand. I have court transcripts for all of the hearing. These attorney(s) is not even “attorney of the record”. That mean there is not court authority for them to show up inside the courtroom. The Judge, and the attorney demand that I have to hire attorney. I refused.
    After I filed lawsuit against these attorneys in Federal Court. These attorneys used their “friends” to created elderly abuse, and organized crime to have me arrest in jail. This was to prevent me from comply with Federal Court order so the case will be dismiss by Federal Judge for not comply with Court Order. I filed the date before my arrest. Then 15th Circuit Court’s used 60 years in jail and wanted me to sign consent judgment and plead guilty. That is not enough when I refused. Then it is court order FORCED Placed Attorney since I am not poor. Then it is court order for “competency” exam. Since I refused to plead guilty. I have all court transcripts for documentation how the attorneys is using court to looting elderly financial assets without provide “benefit” to the elderly. Two things: (1) must provide benefit to the “ward”. (2) must provide benefit to the ward estate for payments for attorney fee. It just happen that these attorney make sure my brother be the fake court order “property guardian” so my brother would write many checks to these attorney(s) to benefit my brother to hijack my inheritance so I would get zero or give up my inheritance (consent judgment). How many people can actually fight back these criminal actions inside the courthouse and inside the courtroom? From one court case petition for incapacitated hearing and now become 15 court cases. I appeal to the high court to get justices. I hope I can get justice in the Federal Appeal Court. This is true story and it is still on going. My parents wanted peace and quiet but did not expect that because of the amount of money that my mother could lose her peace and quiet. How can anybody taking away someone’s civil right called it benefit to that person? How can anybody taking away someone’s financial properties call it benefit? Zero dollar was provide to my mother. My brother obtain all of my mother’s financial assets by using the fake court appointment guardianship court order wrote checks to attorneys but not my mother to pay for her daily living expenses. I paid for my mother’s daily living expenses and I have no regret. It is Judicial System preys on the elderly. My story is the beyond the reasonable doubt story that attorneys looting and stealing from the elderly.

  2. Kathleen Morris // November 26, 2018 at 6:20 pm //

    Dear Karen Yea Ho, Thank you for posting your horrifying story of how attorneys looted and stole all your moms wealth and your inheritance, bullied you and your mom to the point of killing your mom from all the trauma, while you were caring for her in your home… how as you put it how America’s grossly corrupt judicial system preys on the elderly – by terrorizing them even in their own homes, using their corrupt racketeering players the Adult Protective Service, to harass elderly and their families then take over and steal all their property and wealth! These true guardian abuse horror stories which expose the U.S. very evil corrupt guardian system involves all the same players.. Judges being the ring leaders, using their clan of lawyer buddies to plot their schemes to steal, kill , destroy lives of innocent elderly persons and their families who did not even ask for their assistance, therefore literally “bullied” you and your mom, to the point of terrorizing you, which is certainly comparable to NAZI take over, how they forced their way into homes and pulled innocent people out of their homes, put them away in the nasty gulags stripping them from all human dignity and rights, while they ransacked their homes, stole all their valuables, and then ultimately killed them!!! They murdered your dear mom by terrorizing her! The government invades our private lives by abusive and unlawful perverted schemes of the “guardian system”.. under “color of law”- FRAUD! No American and no person in this world should have to be subject to such gross ,inhumane measures! My heart goes out to you for having to endure such atrocious trauma from
    America’s probate terrorists! Guardianship is a well organized racketeering operation which preys upon the elderly and disabled with no fear of being brought to trial! Guardianship is obviously controlled by MAFIA! It is a joke that we victims of this nationwide SCAM of fleecing the elderly (the perfect crime as Dr. Sugar describes in his book)..that we are told we must call and report to the very criminals who head this guardian mafia ring of conspirators! We are told to report these crimes to the law enforcement, when it has been proven the Law Enforcement and District Attorney’s are part of the guardian mafia! We are told we must report to the APS ( Adult Protective Services) when they are the runners for the corrupt Probate Judges used to haul in guardian prospects who have assets and wealth! The ring of conspirators are who we are told we must report to for Gods sake!
    They work tight with the organized crime racket of lucrative assisted living and nursing home facilities filling their beds to capacity. These facility owners
    have deals made with the crooked judges (huge money exchange deals while they isolate, drug our loved ones to zombie state, denying them all Constitutional rights to freedom of association!) Once they have accomplished their scheme, our loved ones are locked in solitary confinement while they suck off of Medicaid and Medicare and get away with stealing all their personal wealth.. which is BIG TIME MEDICAID AND MEDICARE FRAUD.) OH I FORGOT.. WE ARE TOLD TO REPORT THESE CRIMES TO THE AG ATTORNEY GENERAL WHOSE JOB IS TO INVESTIGATE MEDICARE AND MEDICAID FRAUD! What a joke that is!!! I reported Medicaid and Medicare Fraud to Michigan AG Bill Schutte with mega supporting documents in my mother (Gladys B. Bishop) guardian fraud and abuse case.. I worked diligently and included clear supporting documents which proved clearly out and out FRAUD.. only to receive back in the mail 2 weeks later my entire file back with a little sticker note on the binder which stated ; “this does not fall within our jurisdiction, you can hire a lawyer and file your own law suit”.! I have learned this is the “pat response” to ALL complaints to the AG of fraud involving Medicaid and Medicare! Big Pharma is deeply entrenched in this organized crime racket of guardian corruption, fraud, abuse! All these entities
    are in bed with each other but we must remember not one of them could get away with their crimes of fleecing and murdering our elderly without corrupt Probate Judges and lawyers who are the ring leaders of this MAFIA racket!
    Your case needs to be investigated and exposed on the program 48 hours.. along with so many others. Casey Kasem’s guardian abuse case was expose this past Saturday.. thanks to God .. but it should not take a celebrity who experienced being terrorized by the guardian MAFIA to get media exposure. Every case I read sickens me to think THE U.S GOVERNMENT HAS NOT PUT A STOP TO THIS HORRIFIC EVIL.. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH WHAT YOU ARE GOING TROUGH. It seems there was a news blurp which came to surface recently which stated a number of gov.officials are going to be investigated for massive fraud and corruption in this country ??? IT BETTER INCLUDE THE GUARDIAN MOBSTERS.. THEY ARE THE WORST THREAT TO AMERICAN’S LIBERTIES AND MUST BE STOPPED! I could write on and on and on.. the crap we have personally experienced by the guardian “whores of the court” but for now I want to tell you you are in my prayers and my heart goes out to you for all this injustice done to you and your dear mom.. whom they murdered.. you should not have ever had to endure such criminal injustice in this so-called free country.. which is really not free at all as long as the probate guardian mafia continue to get away with terrorizing innocent elders and their families even to the point of murder, for profit.. using innocent humans for profit while denying them ALL THEIR INALIENABLE RIGHTS -GOD GIVEN RIGHTS! I will say this over and over again – the United States should be ashamed of themselves for covering up the massive crimes against humanity in the name of “guardianship- protectors”! What a joke that is! Who needs protected here??? That is the real question? We citizens must unite somehow and organize to fight back.

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