A petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus, filed by Mary Bush on Sept. 24 in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, levies the claims against Chester County Court of Common Pleas Judge Katherine B.L. Platt.The petition was denied Nov. 18, with federal Judge Timothy Savage ruling that habeas relief did not apply because Mary Bush was not in custody, and that Judge Platt was protected by judicial immunity. Bush has since filed an appeal reconsideration.When asked for comment, Stacey Witalec, a spokesperson for Pennsylvania courts and judges, said that she could no provide any information.Bush’s mother, who is 89, has become a ward of the state, which typically done when an elderly person cannot care for themselves, and there is no other adult or family member capable of caring for them. This means that the court is now in charge of her medical care.

However, Bush claims that she wants to care for her mother, but she is being stopped by Judge Platt, who has enforced the “fraudulent” guardianship. Bush says she is allowed one visit per month of one hour, that she must pay a fee in order to make that visit, and it must be monitored by an armed sheriff’s deputy.

The suit further claims that Judge Platt is using the guardianship to bring in county revenue, and that Bush’s mother is not receiving proper medical care. In addition, Bush alleges that Judge Platt has “maliciously incited public hatred” towards her, including “physical attacks, injury, further identity thefts, financial destitution and continued irreparable harm.”

A Facebook group “Free Mary Bush’s Mom From Fraudulent Guardianship” has more than 300 members.