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BOOKER Case testimony on October, 16, 2019

Affidavit filed with 13th District Court on October 17, 2019 by investigator Hillary Hogue

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  1. Please help by calling my local news in Mississippi as well as doing reports under the vulnerable adult act in Mississippi
    maybe we can bring her home before she dies if I can get help from my friends and community..
    My mom is on her Death bed
    Thank you

    Letter I have sent out to multiple government officials and news media that has covered up the kidnapping of my mother for 2 years


    Here’s the link to the file:!AiIso7KP3aFbgSlP5fpZhvItZz7A


    Here’s the link to the file:!AhtTzR5ze5EzayLviiaIFGlhD0U

    Shared from Word for Android

    I am sharing ‘Grams.docx’ with you from OneDrive – Personal

    Here’s the link to the file:!Aj_olEGVFO3aa2LmIKEMAob5McU

    Shared from Word for Android

    Video I did for mom is will walk you to her Death Bed.. please I need help now not tomorrow or next week

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