Guardianship as a form of Terrorism


I recently had the opportunity to attend a security seminar. As I listened to the security expert describe the intricacies of how we should prepare ourselves for the possibility of an attack on our community, I was struck by how predatory abusive guardianship is really very similar to a terror attack on families and individuals. I began to think on how we might be better prepared to prevent and/or react to such an attack ourselves either now or in the future if we could apply the same security principles to guardianship attacks.

The first principle of security tactical planning is situational awareness. In anti-terrorism preparation, experts preach that we need to have a heightened sense of our surroundings and the potential threats that may lurk in plain sight. In a potential terrorism scenario, quick recognition of the threat can save precious seconds that can make the difference between an aborted attack and a deadly one. Guardianship terrorists (as well as other court insiders in equity courts like family and divorce) depend on the fact that families never see the attack coming. They are unaware of the organized cabals of court insiders masquerading as benevolent representatives of government and the courts who have perverted state statutes into weapons of mass family destruction. They are unaware that these court insiders have every tactical advantage, are always the home team with home-field advantage, and have no fear of counter attacks, monitoring supervision, retribution or consequences of their actions.

In order to avoid becoming a victim of a terror attack, we need to undergo training to act in ways which reduce the likelihood of our own demise and the demise of those around us. This training is critically important in anti terrorism planning. The training is designed to make institutions and organizations which would otherwise be unprepared soft targets into well-trained, effective hard targets. This requires discarding prior knowledge and habits and responses and replacing them with techniques more likely to save one or more lives in chaotic moments and desperate situations. For example, many of us were taught in the face of danger that we should duck and cover or shelter in place. While this may sound like good advice, in the face of an active shooter who was right in front of you acting that way will make you a stationary target much more likely to be hit then if you are actually to become a moving target and try to avoid being in or alter the line of fire. Similarly, in guardianship attacks, how we react in the very first hours and days after recognizing the attack almost always determines the ultimate outcome of the attack. Our education and upbringing will tell us that we should immediately reach out to lawyers and pay them whatever they want to perform their magic to prevent the guardianship terrorist from pulling the trigger on us. As many of us have learned the hard way, this reflexive reaction usually does not produce the desired result because our life experience and training has not taught us that lawyers are part of the problem and rarely part of the solution.

Effective anti terrorism prevention requires a plan that everyone in a situation agrees to abide by. Acting in concert as a trained unit—a unitary organism– saves lives and confounds the terrorists whose preference is to pick us off one at a time as we try to flee from the danger. Knowing exactly where to find a safe place and how to get there is also key element in any disaster planning program. In equity court attacks, family conflict creates and identifies targets for the terrorists, isolates them and makes them stationary sitting ducks. The inability of families to work together to not only prevent guardianships but to deal with them effectively once the attack begins makes the work of the guardianship terrorists very simple and deadly.

Terrorists often resort to hostage taking to achieve their political aims. In the past we have taught and believed that remaining quiet and still and agreeing to all the hostage takers demand is the only way to avoid carnage. It turns out this is not true. Not doing what the terrorist wants, making a lot of noise, resisting if possible, attracting attention all seem to be much more effective than passive nonresistance. In equity court terrorism all of us have been told to keep our mouth shut and let our lawyers do the talking, to not make waves, to not anger the judge, and to wait days weeks months and years for the system to do the right thing, which it often fails to do. Silence is acquiescence to the terrorists. Rather than remaining silent, targets of guardianship terrorism need to make waves, make noise, get publicity, expose the insiders.stage protests, become politically active, join and lead organizations, challenge authority. Instead of throwing money into the black hole of hiring lawyer after lawyer after lawyer– which almost never results in the reversal or termination of guardianship– we need to employ tactics to protect our family and our estates vocally and forcefully wherever, however and whenever we can. And we need to do so at the very first recognition of the threat. We need to understand that we must have a plan of attack against the guardianship terrorists. We, the bloodied and scarred battlefield survivors who have been victimized already, must transform from defeated victims into our own security and anti-terrorism forces. Instead of watching the next victims to suffer as meek, stationary targets with no plan, no team, no allies, no resources,  no money, no support and no chance whatsoever of fending off the attackers, we must find a way to come together combine our experience, wisdom, ingenuity, talent and resources into our own local and national counter terrorism squads. This means, among other things, we must develop novel group approaches to pro se representation, citizen stewardship and monitoring of the courts, sophisticated links to media exposure, connections with influencers and elected officials at every level, and the creation of educational materials to prevent attacks.


And it’s important to remember that the very first rule of any plan is to first save yourself. You can be of no use to anyone else if you are injured or dead in a terrorist attack. The same applies to our current generation of guardianship attack survivors. We are all too prone to become depressed, revert to alcohol or drugs to numb our pain, fall into very bad eating and health habits and in severe cases even become prone to suicide. Each one of us is a precious resource and an expert in our own way because we have experienced the enemy’s tactics. Our battle scars and on the field experience must be better utilized against our enemies who are infinitely more organized, protected, moneyed, unified and motivated than we are currently.

We would gain valuable perspective by understanding that every time an abusive guardianship starts anywhere in this country it is a terror attack on one of our fellow citizens. It is a despicable stealth attack that operates with the slick efficiency of a SWAT team and it is just as deadly. It is the assembled forces of our government attacking innocent unprepared law-abiding citizens and their families. It is all too often aided and abetted by misguided or ill-informed or even malignant family conspirators who identify the weakness of and effectively pinpoint the target for the ruthlessly efficient terrorists even though they often become collateral damage in the process. As in any military operation there is surveillance and espionage against the enemy, in this case in the form of healthcare workers, social workers and others who receive a bounty for referring victims to the terrorists. It really is a surgical, smooth, fully coordinated military style attack,

The leaders of terrorist organizations are often ideological zealots, religious fanatics or political extremists who are motivated by their religion, ideals and beliefs. In this they differ dramatically from the leaders of the abusive guardianship terrorists who act more like criminals than terrorists because they are empowered by extreme hubris and rampant ageism and motivated not by ideals but by greed and power. They act with complete indifference to the law they profess to support and enforce and they fear no tribunals that would judge them because they act as judge jury and executioner against their victims.

The goal of a terrorist attack is to create death as a political tool. The goal of the guardianship terrorists is apolitical—it is to extract wealth and exert absolute control over vulnerable populations. Under cover of judicial immunity, these terrorist guardianship cells can avoid retribution or responsibility for their actions and pick off unsuspecting tantalizing low hanging senior fruit as easily as an expert sniper can hit a target at 100 yards.

I present this analysis because I believe that unsuspecting potential victims can more easily understand the threat that looms over them if it is presented to them in terms of a military operation. The biggest challenge to the anti terrorism guardianship movement is public ignorance or indifference. Perhaps couching what the courts do in militaristic terms will make it easier for potential victims to understand the nature of the threat to them and their families.

Perhaps by us accepting the reality of the enemy we face, the military efficiency with which they operate, the superiority of their strategy and weapons, the precision of their historically successful plan and operational tactics, the deep and wide net of co-conspirators, spies, allies and enablers they utilize we can more clearly alert potential victims to the danger.

Instead of adhering to the ineffective “see something say something” mantra we must instead adopt a “see something do something” attitude. Whatever the future of our movement turns out to be, it must evolve, it must unify, it must act with purpose structure and planning.  It must be bigger than any one individual or any one case or jurisdiction. Let us hope we can leverage the recent publicity and media attention in Florida, Michigan, and other states as a springboard to success in what we can now define as an anti-terrorism movement with a clearly defined goal of reducing or eliminating abusive guardianship in the United States of America.