Shame on the Judges during this pandemic


As if innocent seniors conscripted into unscrupulous guardianships were not at enough mortal risk, the shortcomings of senior care facilities in which wards are incarcerated and isolated across the country are now being exposed as the death traps that they have become.

Rampant and out of control unchecked abuses of nursing homes against their residents are being exposed- many of them probate guardianship wards forced out of their safe homes by greedy lawyers and guardians into unsafe facilities.  The most egregious of these abuses occurred in lockdown units or memory care units in which visitation is vigorously resisted and prohibited.

Assisted living facilities have even less oversight, surely resulting in even far more abuses.

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This type of isolation, (plundering of estate,) illness, death, and coverup, has long been a vile scandal, and may be finally glaringly exposed as the tally of who died where during this covid19 pandemic is revealed.  What we will very likely learn is that the vast majority and relative percentage of deaths occurred in elder “care” facilities, to residents (including many probate guardianship wards) who would have been much safer in their pre-guardianship homes (which they were forced out of by greedy “guardians “and “guardian” lawyers.)

Despite this intuitive information, recalcitrant judges simply refuse to budge and allow captive wards to be moved to safer  family care away from the extremely high risk of being in a facility environment in which the virus runs rampant. They fail (actually stupidly and arrogantly refuse) to realize that these facilities are not hospitals and cannot possibly function as isolation facilities. They are not constructed for this, they are not staffed for this , they are not trained for this and the sophistication level of front line workers is nowhere near what is routinely mandatory in a hospital setting.

It’s basic common sense, and long known by medical experts, that residents of elder care facilities die at significantly accelerated rates vis-a-vis elders who remain at home.  Isolation, reduced levels of concern and care, and, very notably, contagious diseases, are primary causes of early deaths at these facilities.

Such facilities are not testing or reporting corona virus illnesses and deaths accurately or at all, thus making the already alarming number and rate of Covid19 deaths in these facilities even higher than is being reported in the media.

Consider the horrific news out of New Jersey in the following links. These, I believe, provide new and powerful evidence of how irresponsible, dangerous, and totally unchecked, these facilities can be, and often are, for residents – many of them guardianship wards forced or duped against their best interests into these  “care” facilities, frequently so that lawyers can plunder their true homes and other assets.

While they serve adequately (or at least cold so so) in normal times, they are structurally and systemically unable to protect anyone–even their own employees–during a pandemic!

Isolation leads to concealment, leads to subterfuge, leads to abuse, illness, and death.



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There is a lot of money to be lost by allowing wards to go home to their families as facility Census would plummet and so would the crazy level of litigation that always benefits the insiders.  That appears to be the driving motivation behind the intransigence and stubborn pig-headedness of the probate judges in their fiefdoms of ultimate power. It is more important for them to support the process and system and facilities that allow the isolation and denouement of their wards than to ensure the health and life of those very wards.

Shame on the judges. Shame on law enforcement, shame on the lawyers, shame on the guardians and shame on the media for failing to shine a constant bright light on his awful abuse of power in equity probate courts around country.