In their own words – A collection of Guardianship abuse victim’s stories

Below are a collection of the stories of victims of Guardianship Abuse, as told by the Wards in many cases, or their adult children, who have watch the horrible inhuman suffering their parent(s) have been forced to endure, inflicted upon these primarily elderly people by Judges and their court-appointed Guardians and Attorneys in their pursuit of money and power.

If you feel you have a story worthy of telling the world, please send it to endxploitation [at] aaapg [dot] net.  Please edit your submission before sending it, for correct spelling & grammar, no name-calling or ad hominem attacks in a derogatory or slanderous fashion (no matter how richly you feel the perpetrators deserve it). Nothing but as dispassionate a recitation of actions taken is the most helpful-to-others story you can tell.  If you have photographs or your loved one(s), before & after guardianship, or you have court documents or transcripts you feel support your case, please include them.  There are no guarantees that anything you submit will be published, but we will read each submission and get back with you.  Thank you.