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New Report from Spectrum Institute on Guardianship/Conservatorship Capacity

July 1, 2020 // 0 Comments

  Spectrum Institute has convened a Capacity Assessment Workgroup to review the current capacity assessment process in probate court proceedings in California — especially in conservatorship proceedings. Spectrum Institute is a nonprofit organization advocating for disability rights and conservatorship reform. The workgroup will identify any deficiencies in policy and practice and develop specific proposals to improve the capacity assessment process. The underlying goal is to ensure [- more...]

New Florida G Ship Law Signed by Governor

June 22, 2020 // 0 Comments DeSantis Signs Florida Guardianship Bill Into Law, Expanding Oversight of Program By Greg Angel Florida PUBLISHED 4:02 PM ET Jun. 19, 2020 ORLANDO, Fla. — Added protections for Floridians under guardianship, inspired in part by Spectrum News’s nearly yearlong investigation into Florida’s problem-plagued guardianship program, are now state law.   What You Need To Know Florida [- more...]

Florida’s Apex Probate Predator

May 24, 2020 // 0 Comments

  Rebecca Fierle— Florida’s Apex Probate Predator This is a story which broke in the Florida press in spring 2019 about a woman who became notorious and reviled all over Florida for being the #1 apex predator in Florida’s broken probate court system. But—one has to admit begrudgingly- she was also a true evil genius and an top-level expert at manipulating and maximizing her theft of private assets as well as massive amounts of government money via outright theft, extortion, [- more...]

The difference between you/us and them

May 19, 2020 // 0 Comments

The difference between you/us and them I spend a lot of time talking to victims of probate abuse from all around the country. My heart goes out to them for the suffering they endure as a result of trying to do what they think is the right thing for an elderly parent. As is so often the case, the people I speak to have been attacked, maligned, excoriated, fined, sanctioned and generally worked over in probate hearings and litigation. By the time they reach out to someone like me, they have been [- more...]

“The truth about Professional Guardianship Abuse”

May 4, 2020 // 0 Comments

                                                   A link to this webinar powerpoint-!AkhleSCTwahdqz4NSJPvBgESsJN2?e=YhL3ak NEW!  AAAPG Webinar Series  AAAPG is pleased to announce the first in its new series of educational webinars called “The truth about Professional Guardianship Abuse”. This series of informative webinars is intended to serve as an educational resource for current and potential future victims of abusive Probate Court [- more...]

Guardianship as a form of Terrorism

April 20, 2020 // 3 Comments

  I recently had the opportunity to attend a security seminar. As I listened to the security expert describe the intricacies of how we should prepare ourselves for the possibility of an attack on our community, I was struck by how predatory abusive guardianship is really very similar to a terror attack on families and individuals. I began to think on how we might be better prepared to prevent and/or react to such an attack ourselves either now or in the future if we could apply the same [- more...]

Shame on the Judges during this pandemic

April 17, 2020 // 0 Comments

  As if innocent seniors conscripted into unscrupulous guardianships were not at enough mortal risk, the shortcomings of senior care facilities in which wards are incarcerated and isolated across the country are now being exposed as the death traps that they have become. Rampant and out of control unchecked abuses of nursing homes against their residents are being exposed- many of them probate guardianship wards forced out of their safe homes by greedy lawyers and guardians into unsafe [- more...]
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