Texas: Guardianship filed by auto mechanic against local wealthy doctor

Texas: Dr Reichert under guardianship Texas: Dr Reichert under guardianship

From Becky Oliver at FOX News, Dallas, Texas:

Investigation: Guarding the Guardians | Fox4News.com

ROCKWALL, Texas – No one likes to think about end-of-life decisions. But if you’ve got family and a legal plan, no one can interfere, right?

In Texas, a guardianship can take away everything you’ve set up — even remove your family from the picture.

Hard to believe? It is happening in Texas. Guardianships have been a hot topic in the legislature this session because there is so much controversy surrounding them.

Read the complete coverage of the latest shocking Guardianship Abuse case – once again committed by a sitting judge and his court-appointees – concerning how Titus County Judge Brian Lee was able to declare Dr. Mike Reichert mentally incompetent without the Texas State Constitution’s guaranteed protections of Due Process, including the right to trial by jury and the right to appeal a determination of mental incapacity.