Texas – AAAPG activities in Austin

AAAPG is delighted to see the Kasem Cares Foundation has made great strides in the passage of a visitation bill, designed to give family members of wards tools to help ensure they cannot be denied visits with family members by a guardian without showing proof to the court of why this is truly in the best interest of the ward. HB 2665, authored by Rep Joe Moody of El Paso, was voted on in the Texas House on May 8, 2015 with 136 Yeas, 1 Nays, 1 Present, not voting.  This bill now moves onto the Texas Senate, where it is expected to pass and move on to Gov. Abbott for his signature.

AAAPG is pleased to see its coalition partner, San Antonio-based Guardianship Reform Advocates for the Disabled & Elderly, has made great strides in seeing Rep. Stephanie Klick’s HB 3914, which guarantees the prospective ward the right to be notified that a guardianship has been filed on their behalf, closer to becoming law.

AAAPG is disappointed that HB 1438 has been passed out of Committee and is going to a full House vote. AAAPG has teamed up with coalition members in Texas opposing guardianship abuse to lobby the Texas legislature to defeat House Bill1438. The group believes that this Bill endangers innocent elderly Texans with unreasonable and unnecessary measures which would confiscate their assets and take over their lives as allegedly incapacitated persons even before any due process guaranteed by both the United States Constitution and the Texas State Constitution.  AAAPG has provided a thorough analysis of the bill which can be found here.