White paper: Keeping up with those crafty guardians

It hasn’t been easy for those abusive guardians. Think about all the work they have to do to rape an estate, isolate award from his family, make sure doctors appropriately poison their wards with atypical anti-psychotics so they become drooling vegetables unable to complain, pushing endless litigation against family members and making it all look just so clean and simple and legal!

Guardians have to be very clever and crafty, so we’d like to report on some of the most incredible schemes they have come up with that allow them to suck the life out of estates and its owner.

Guardians in Florida are particularly adept at stealing property. One Guardian recently wanted to take over the home belonging to the Ward and sell it, undoubtedly in a straw man sale that would profit her greatly, but there was a problem. The Ward’s spouse was still in the house and didn’t want to leave! After threatening to throw the spouse into the street didn’t work, she came up with a brilliant plan. Since the guardianship was instituted the condition of the home had deteriorated and there was a leak in the roof. Even though there was a lot of money available to fix the roof leak, the Guardian decided not to. The roof leak got worse and worse.

So the Guardian reported that the house was uninhabitable due to the leaking roof, not mentioning that she had failed to repair it. This report to code enforcement authorities had the predicted effect of condemning the house. Voila! The spouse was out on the street and forced to find alternative living arrangements. Immediately thereafter the Guardian arranged for the repair of the roof and the cleanup of the house. She had the foresight to have the house appraised while it was uninhabitable. That appraised prices which he presented to the judge. She claimed she needed to sell the house to raise money for the care of the Ward and the judge agreed that the house should be sold at the value determined by the fraudulent appraisal. As expected the house sold very quickly at the deeply discounted rate to a close associate of the Guardian who flipped it within one day for full price in a straw man sale.

In an inventive and clever way a Guardian in Florida had a similar situation and wanted the house to go on the market because utilities had not been paid. Even though the Guardian was supposed to pay utilities she did not. To make sure they did not get paid she illegally, fraudulently, and feloniously went to the post office and informed the post office of a change of address of the wards family. She had the wards family mail– not the wards– sent to her home. It was only when the family realized that they had not received any mail in a while that it led them to discover that all of their help not just utility bills or tax bills was being sent to the Guardian to keep them in the dark and allow the snatching of their family home.

One of the things guardians hate most of all is to be taken off their case, after all it is their livelihood and they have a lot of bills of their own to pay. Since demanding a new Guardian from a probate judge is one of the very few things that family members can even attempt with even the slightest likelihood of success, from time to time a probate judge might actually allow it. And so the new trend, vocally advocated by Judge Guy Herman of Texas– the best friend a Texas Guardian could ever have– is to have guardians band together in corporations. In the event one Guardian who is a member of the corporation gets tossed, another can step right in and the corporation just rolls in the money – without interruption or judicial action.

What skill guardians have developed in monetary rape! Not only do they abuse victims and their entire families but they have become so adept at “mustering” all available state and federal money designed to help wards— like Social Security benefits, VA benefits, disability payments, retirement benefits, Medicaid benefits, Medicare benefits–that they have created a virtual torrent of money coming from every conceivable government source intended for the benefit of the Ward but instead squirreled away in management accounts and used exclusively for the payment of fees generated by stakeholders of the guardianship enterprise.

These crafty guardians didn’t need to spend time in college or getting a license or much of anything else to be in a position of godlike power over another human being. Their craftiness allows them to hold power over hundreds of hapless legally dead innocent vulnerable wards and their family. There is no discipline, no oversight, no complaint department to keep them from their scandalous estate rape.

What’s amazing is that law enforcement, state government, federal government, Department of Justice and other agencies that we trust implicitly and who are fully informed of the larceny and sadism victims witness regularly, will simply not intervene.

I guess the guardians are just too clever for them.

Sam J. Sugar MD

May 29, 2015

To download a PDF copy of this white paper, Keeping up with those crafty guardians, please click here.