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From Advocate Rick Black on the case of Dr. Lillie S. White

FW: URGENT: Dr. Lillie S. White Case
Rick Black
Today, 12:45 PM;;;

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Dear Florida public officials charged with protecting vulnerable seniors like Dr. Lillie White,

I have written, called, or spoken to all of you concerning Dr. White’s case.  Sadly none of you engaged.  As you enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday I will remind you that thousands of Floridians and their designated family trustees will spend this holiday in sorrow and disbelief that all of you have accepted adult guardianship adjudication as it stands today in Florida.  Government inaction is government in action when it comes to protecting wealthy seniors in Florida’s probate court system.  87 days of looking the other way while Dr. White is fully isolated from her family and financially exploited more than testify to your negligence.  Probate Court perversion continues unabated statewide.

Flagler County Sheriff Jim Manfre, Court Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller Gail Wadsworth and Judge Hudson continue to lead the negligence.  Manfre and Wadsworth have independent authority to investigate exploitation and fraud.  Sheriff Manfre and Chief Deputy Jeff Hoffman refused to respond to any of my inquiries or take complaints from Dr. White’s family over the last few months.  Gail Wadsworth took my first call and then conveniently ignored all follow-up including to my attached Florida Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.  Deference to probate judges is no excuse to not do your job or ignore legitimate public requests.

Judge Hudson continues to sponsor the financial exploitation and isolation of Dr. White and has only acted with greater omnipotence and intent since the exposure of her actions.  Dr. White’s court record has been fully sealed.  Although I don’t know Judge Hudson and have never spoken to her she has built quite a bond with Florida legal and law enforcement officials.  She understands financial exploitation and as Sheriff Johnson of Volusia County stated in a 2006 referral to Governor Jeb Bush “she has good judgement, knows the law, the balance of justice and her ethics and morals are above reproach”.  Absolute power can corrupt absolutely.

I also find it ironic as her 2010 recognition from the Orlando Sentinel reads “Circuit Judge Margaret W. Hudson, a 7th circuit judge will receive the Woman of the Year award on May 13 [2010] from the Volusia/Flagler Association for Women Lawyers.  A circuit judge since 2006, Hudson oversees felony cases at the Volusia County Courthouse.  Hudson worked for the U.S. Department of Justice, United States Trustee’s Office in Orlando and was in private practice before becoming a judge. She and her husband Dave reside in Port Orange.

The association is comprised of about 40 attorneys from Volusia and Flagler counties.  “In the face of a public increasingly skeptical about the role of lawyers and judges in society, Judge Hudson typifies what we would want in any judge,” the nomination stated. “Her intellect, dedication, leadership and passion for her community give her that “Atticus Finch” quality of integrity and trustworthiness.”  Other past recipients include Barbara Revels…Flagler County Commission Chairwoman.  Volusia County female attorneys were appointed by Judge Hudson as guardian and investigator in this case.

Judge Hudson fully understands Florida statute gives her no authority to investigate, prosecute, convict, and sentence for suspected criminal activities.  Flagler County Law Enforcement, the District Attorney’s office, and Criminal Court have that responsibility.  Why does she and many other probate judges in Florida act in the same regard and why do you all continue to accept this abhorrent behavior?


Richard W. Black

The Vegas Voice and Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship

(804) 564-5330


—–Original Message—–
From: Terri Kennedy
Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2016 12:59 PM
Subject: URGENT: Dr. Lillie S. White Case

Hi –

How many Florida officials does it take to free an 88-year-old woman from a fraudulent guardianship? It sounds like the beginning of a joke but it is no laughing matter. All copied on this email are now aware of the case of my aunt, Dr. Lillie S. White. Many of you are currently investigating it at the state and federal level – and now there are international eyes on it in relation to making an unprecedented legal case for it being human trafficking of a senior. That will surely bring mainstream media attention. See my Huffington Post article, “Is Elder Guardianship A New Form Of Human Trafficking?,” for context. Now we have TWO WEEKS before the case escalates again putting my aunt at even greater risk. We need immediate intervention.

As you may know, my aunt has been victimized by a fraudulent guardianship since 2012. The case escalated when it was moved from Orange County to Flagler County under Judge Margaret Hudson in 2015. On August 31, 2016, Aunt Lillie was abducted from a doctor’s appointment by the court-appointed temporary guardian Sara Caldwell, Esq. with no danger, no emergency, no legal justification. My aunt has been isolated from the family with no contact for 86 days. Yet, my aunt is not incapacitated and very clear on her views — including her desire to be in her home, with her family and to not have anything to do with her estranged granddaughter and the temporary guardian. If you haven’t already, watch the videos at The videos are our “baseline” if anything happens to her. They were filmed just one month before her abduction. While Aunt Lillie is being “unlawfully caged,” her $4 million estate is being spent down — billed against by a team of lawyers. I thought Ms. Caldwell’s first month bill was $17,000 and that was bad enough. However, I just found out it was actually $29,000. Given those figures, Ms. Caldwell alone has likely billed almost $160,000 in the last five and a half months. On top of that, during the first three months while my aunt was still in her home, Ms. Caldwell failed to pay my aunt’s bills or give her any of her own money for food or living expenses. My aunt went three weeks without hot water, and then the water was shut off, the TV was shut off, the electricity was shut off, among other things. This is Aggravated Abuse, Exploitation and Neglect, and has been facilitated by the judicial negligence of Judge Margaret Hudson with multiple violations of evidentiary requirements and due process. I’ve gone through the “proper” channels — such as filing a JQC complaint and writing to the Chief Judge – but most of you know that is useless. The system has major loopholes and is stacked to “the house.”

Now, the case is about to escalate again. There is a Court Hearing on December 12th, which is set up to be a “legal lynching.”

  • Judge Hudson denied a Stay for the Hearing despite my mother’s current medical condition. Judge Hudson received a letter from a cardiologist associated with Flagler County Hospital stating that my 81-year-old mother should hold off from participating in any court proceedings until he can get her blood pressure under control. He treated her during an Emergency Room visit and three-day hospital stay. She doesn’t have an underlying heart issue but her blood pressure is spiking to the 200s from the stress of her sister’s extended isolation. How would you respond if your sister was isolated and caged for three months with absolutely no contact? By moving forward, Judge Hudson is exacerbating my mother’s life-threatening situation against documented medical advice. The opposition had the nerve to ask for my mother to see three of their own cardiologists. The simple resolution is to remove the key stressor and allow my mother to see her sister — a request that has been denied for three months with no legal justification.
  • Judge Hudson apparently condensed the Hearing from two days to 30 minutes. In an act of retaliation for me talking with all of you and filing a JQC complaint, all indication is that Judge Hudson will try to make final rulings and end the case that day by any means necessary — closing everything out by the end of December. It seems she is feeling the heat from a criminal investigation and the various agencies calling her.

Here are my predictions based on the established pattern of behavior:

  • Judge Hudson will push through rulings with no due process or an “impartial tribunal.” The Judge’s three court-appointed attorneys (including Ms. Caldwell) plus the estranged granddaughter’s five attorneys will gang up against Dr. White’s sister (my mother) who again is not supposed to be in court due to her health. Nevertheless, the Judge will allow all of the attorneys feeding off of my aunt’s assets to push out my mother with no evidence or due process so they have full control of my aunt’s estate. It will be based once again on false information and no evidence.
  • My aunt will “suddenly” die from a medically-induced heart attack or stroke that will look like natural causes. Instead, it will be murder via untraceable psychotropic drugs administered at the institution where she is being held against her will. It sounds outrageous but this is the pattern in hundreds of fraudulent “Isolate, Medicate, Steal The Estate” cases.
  • All records will be sealed to avoid transparency and accountability.
  • All those shielded by Judge Hudson will continue to try to come after me for talking to officials and the media.

I am not an alarmist. I am a Harvard MBA and highly-decorated businesswoman and advocate who has done programs with the Congressional Black Caucus, at the Pentagon, United Nations, World Economic Forum in Davos, etc. This afternoon I’ll be ringing the closing bell at the NASDAQ. Check it out on television at 4pm EST.

Please prove my predictions wrong by stopping this runaway exploitation train and get my aunt home as soon as possible. She needs to be out of harm’s way. Every day matters. If nothing is done and my predictions above comes true then we have an even bigger liability and public image issue for Florida, Flagler County and all the players involved. It will confirm that Florida is endorsing and “legalizing” human trafficking of seniors up to the highest levels of your government. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen. All of you working together should be able to solve this and free one 88-year-old woman being abused and exploited under your watch. As Brooke Astor’s grandson Philip Marshall said in his 2015 Senate testimony, “To be complacent about elder justice is to be complicit in elder abuse.”

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your family. While you’re enjoying yourself think about how you would feel if your loved one was abducted and isolated for three months and there was an empty seat at the table. Unfortunately, my family — including Aunt Lillie’s 50+ nieces and nephews — can’t truly celebrate until our matriarch is home safely. There is a cloud of sadness in our family. This is my aunt’s favorite time of year. The greatest holiday gift you can give us is to help get her back home and make things right. I can be reached directly at 917-747-6567. Thank you.

With Purpose & Power,


Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy, Ph.D., MBA, CPC, RYT

President & Chief Empowerment Officer, Power Living Enterprises, Inc.

World Economic Forum Young Global Leader (’09) | Harvard MBA (’92)

National Spokesperson, American Heart Association / American Stroke Association

Award-Winning Author * Speaker * Strategist * Coach * Mind-Body-Spirit Expert

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