How to fix this

See our open letter to Chief Justice Jorge Labarga at

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Like most grassroots organizations, we started with the notion that government agencies must be responsive to citizen complaints about abuses from governmental agencies including the courts. Our experience has not borne out that notion.

As a group we have approached every level of government and state of Florida starting with local law enforcement, The Florida bar, the JQC, the office of Inspector General, State Attorney’s office, the Attorney General’s office and finally the governor himself. We have brought legislation to the Florida legislature and were shocked to repeatedly hear legislators claim to have no idea of abusive guardianship in their own state. Not surprisingly, our legislative efforts failed.

We have partnered with other organizations in the same arena. We have contacted every state local and federal official we can think of.

We have sought help from organizations like The American Civil Liberties Union and others.

We have yet to see the actions so badly needed from all of these entities.

Despite these difficulties and disappointments we will continue to press for appropriate government action in response to our sworn affidavits and personal stories.