The Problem

AAAPG is based in Florida, ground zero for an industry of guardians and lawyers who manipulate the Guardianship system and exploit their positions to loot the very estates they are sworn to protect. Guardianship abuse is a national problem with the media (2013-2017) reporting on egregious cases of judicial and attorney abuse of their Wards and clients occurring not only in Florida, but in New Mexico, Nevada, California, Indiana, Iowa, New York, and New Jersey, to name only a few of the prominent examples.

Anyone at any age can be deemed “incapacitated” –even seemingly healthy independent adults–and become  ” A Ward of the State”

A powerful, unrestrained, well connected and monied group of For Profit  Guardians and the  lawyers that protect them has ignored and subverted the laws designed to protect us all and taken advantage of a non-existent Court monitoring system to wreak terrible harm on Wards and their Families while they enrich themselves with exorbitant fees and abusive tactics.

Archaic guardianship laws give these predators total power– including owning another person — over  innocent vulnerable citizens in our society. Instead of helping the frail among us,  they use the power of the law to strip away precious Civil Rights and plunder estates, isolate families who get in the way, and in  the process destroy lives. They use the very laws intended to help people to destroy innocent people and their families.

The prime purpose of Government is the protection of its citizens–that is what laws are for. When our Judicial system ignores those laws to permit discrimination against our most vulnerable citizens in favor of enriching court cronies, we suffer with a failed,illegitimate government.

It is shocking to realize that this 21st Century Identity Theft takes place with the complete cooperation of the very Courts and Statutes that are supposed to protect our rights! It is a greed based system that is unmonitored and out of control.

Victims of this abuse are so terrorized and chronically stressed that the term “Legal Abuse Syndrome” has emerged to describe the trauma suffered in these horrible cases.

We must take back our civil protections that our so threatened by the For Profit Guardianship process. Our goals are to:

  • Assure due process and adherence to the Constitutional and statutory safeguards so routinely ignored in Probate court
  • Abolish the so called “Emergency Temporary Guardianship” which is the gateway to all guardianship’s horrors.
  • Reform the process that evaluates and determines “incapacity” by upgrading examiner qualifications, performance, transparency and accountability
  • Assure transparency in Guardianship fees, records, estate administration and communication, especially with family members
  • Establish effective monitoring and reporting systems to identify deviations from the intent of the Statute