The Guardianship Racket in Florida and the USA

Imagine your parents have retired to Florida or nay other “retirement” state.. They purchase a home and open bank accounts and investment accounts.  This makes them easy prey to a predatory guardianship industry, a well-oiled, highly profitable state orchestrated Florida racketeering machine that has proliferated for years has erupted into a tsunami.  The Palm Beach Post has run groundbreaking stories warning of Palm Beach County judges who acting in conspiracy with lawyers and guardians run this human trafficking racket. See Palm Beach Post – Guardianships a Broken Trust @

This happens all over the USA every day! Florida is the ugly tip of an enormous national iceberg of deceit and criminality. There may be as many as 3 million “Wards” in the USA today.

Totally innocent Elderly people are dragged into guardianship and deprived of their legal rights and often both physically and financially abused in order for judges, attorneys and predatory guardians to deplete their Estates through staged litigation, fraud and theft.  Once placed in an abusive Guardianship,-also called Conservatorship in some states-families can no longer make decisions medically or financially for their loved ones who lose ALL legal rights once they become a ward of the state with a predatory guardian. Without their Constitutionally guaranteed rights, seniors and their families are easy prey for this predatory racket.


And if you pass away in Florida your beneficiaries may find a similar scenario unfold during probate as lawyers and judges by abuse of power and conflict of interest cause conflicts and disputes between beneficiaries and orchestrate protracted litigation that solely benefits the attorneys who are paid for their manufactured litigation by the family members while their rights and due process are denied and their assets rapidly vanish.

This is a vile and dangerous Mafia like racket.

Nearly every important Florida State elected official including Marco Rubio, Bill Nelson, Jeb Bush, Debbie Wasserman Schultz,  Pam Bondi and especially Supreme Court Chief Justice Jorge Labarga and his all powerful Florida Bar has arrogantly ignored our endless pleas to protect our families—even though each of them is fully aware of this egregious racket.

Our Federal officials at every level have turned a deaf ear to nearly 25 years of strident complaints to the Senate Select Committee on Ageing and to every other relevant Federal official and Committee. 

State and Local law enforcement refuse to enforce reform laws passed in the last 3 years that would clean up this horror.

They have betrayed every Florida resident and visitor  by providing legal counsel and protection to the politically protected offenders. They have made Florida a far more dangerous place to live or even vacation.

This depraved inconceivable racket… a dirty secret of the Florida Probate Court …. has raged for years.  Innocent families are being terrorized by judges and attorneys who are under the control by Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Jorge Labarga and the Chief Judges of the Florida District Courts through their control of the Chief Judges of every Florida District including Palm Beach  Chief Judge Jeffrey Colbath of the 15th Circuit.

There is NO reason to think change will come without the intervention of the Federal Department of Justice. There is simply too little risk and too much profit in this racket for the perpetrators who have perfected this “industry” and watched spread like a cancer to nearly every State in the Union.

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