Guardianship Bill is signed into Law

Florida Reform Bill Signed in to Law

From Nevada

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Bunny Garst Story

There has been a spate of coverage around the country about our issue and the progress, albeit agonizingly slow, that is being made and helped by media exposure.

On March 11th the signing into law of Senator Nancy Detert’s  SB232 reform bill in Florida will allow AAAPG to become an important participant in the framing of a new State Department that regulates For Profit Guardians and which could potentially hold them accountable for their actions.

We are exploring methodologies to bring criminal charges against guardians, lawyers and even Judges who have exploited our loved ones.

We continue to work to expose this horrible court sanctioned racket in every way we can. We continue to work with public officials and behind the scenes in back channel conversations to every leader who will listen.

We must find a way to force the Federal Justice department to insert itself into our struggle by appointing Court monitors in places like Florida, Nevada, Colorado, California and so many others corrupts State Court systems.

The first stage of a major book about abusive guardianship has been completed and with collaboration from other advocates we look forward to a publication date within the near future.

We will be directly involved with the planned GAO study of Elder/Guardianship Abuse later this year.

Thanks to all who worked so hard to get to this point.