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April 4, 2016


Warning the Public about Rampant Probate Court Abuses

Call to Presidential Candidates to Address Probate Racket

Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship’s members across the country call for the intervention of the Federal Department of Justice to monitor and bring to justice Judges, Lawyers and Guardians who have exploited laws designed to protect vulnerable elderly citizens and used them instead to exploit and plunder families and estates for their own personal profit. This pattern of Court abuse can be seen not only in Probate but in family, divorce and bankruptcy courts all over America.

Palm Beach, Florida, April 4, 2016–

This announcement is a dire warning to an unsuspecting public about the danger they face from an out of control confiscatory, predatory court process that enriches itself at the expense of its innocent victims. Anyone with any assets is a potential target.

AAAPG members and their families have endured the horrors of this rapidly growing “industry” for decades. Complaints to every level of State Government have been ignored. We now demand Federal Intervention to stem the tide of exploitation that has exploded across the country and particularly in the retirement states.

Florida is home to over 4.5 million retirees and baby boomers who seek a sunny place to spend their golden years. But, even as the flow of seniors in the “Silver Tsunami” increases, retiring to Florida as well

as other retirement States has become a nightmare as the wealth accumulated by honest, law abiding, hard working Americans is being systematically extorted in thousands of fraudulent guardian and probate proceedings every year.

This devious scheme mercilessly deprives retirees of their assets inheritances and constitutional rights with racketeering lawyers, judges, guardians and complicit state agencies.

Family, Divorce and Probate/Guardianship Courts are used to financially exploit, isolate and often physically abuse innocent Americans with assets while family members who object and expose these

crimes publicly are viciously retaliated against and isolated from their loved ones. And there is no reason to expect that anything will change without Federal intervention.

Billions of dollars have been extorted from our loved ones in this inconceivable crime that is hidden in secrecy in the Courts using sequestered files, “Inside Clubhouse” Lawyers, massive billing fraud, persons taken into Guardianship with no due process and blatant unchecked conflicts of interest and unfit, complicit Judges.

Before another victim falls into the abyss of these court based predators, we urge you to learn more at

American Against Abusive Probate Guardianship




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