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Texas Judicial Council

Texas Judicial Council admits widespread (43%) non-compliance by guardians

April 23, 2018 // 2 Comments

AUSTIN – The Texas Judicial Council recently announced to the House of Representatives last week in Washington, D.C. that 43 percent of adult guardianship cases in the state of Texas are out of compliance with reporting requirements. Adult guardianship cases include the elderly and people with disabilities who have become “wards” of the state. Their assets make up some $4 to $5 billion that pass through county probate courts in Texas, according to TJC data. There are not only breaches [- more...]

Texas: Titus County guardian dons a White Hat, maybe

September 9, 2015 // 0 Comments

Titus County, Texas has been the scene of of several controversial guardianships, including Dr. Mike Reichert’s guardianship where Dr. Reichert’s auto-mechanic filed for guardianship over Dr. Reichert because of a dispute over unpaid auto repair bills! Now emerging from Titus County is guardian James Taylor of Family and Court Services.  Mr Taylor is set to retire and seems to want to go out on a high note, wearing a white hat: From Sept 8, 2015 edition of Mount Pleasant, [- more...]