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  1. My father down in Naples is going through this exact same right now.
    I want to fight them do you have a good Lawyer I can contact? on Dec 7, they are going to sell his 3 rental properties I am his only son and they denied me custody of him 2 years ago PLEASE! I need help

  2. Linda B Arters // November 26, 2018 at 1:08 pm //

    Call Douglas Rankin in Naples.

  3. put a common law lean on the property. Hagan Smith in FL writes them he can be contacted through Rodger Dowdell on the Wednesday night program. Hagan Smith also holds classes in Ocalla.Rodger Dowdell Jr — Thanks, Rodger
    Today at 1:11 PM

    Today at 1:11 PM

  4. file appeal in the district court of appeal.
    write to Florida Supreme Court.
    What I found out in my case is there is no court order guardianship.
    Those attorneys for attorney fees created COURT ORDERS for Guardianship. The other attorneys did not say anything or write anything.
    I lived with my mother, paid for all of her expenses. That is what is called Least Restrictive Alternative Guardianship. But attorneys tried to use LESS RESTRICTIVE ALTERNATIVE GUARDIANSHIP. Even created court order to remove me from my mother’s house to take care of my mom!!!!
    I checked the court dockets and found that nobody sign for any of the Motions, Pleading, and other court papers. NONE! That is violation of Florida Rule of the Court!
    Too bad, all the attorneys that is involved did not want the “to the benefit” for the person “WARD” or “to the benefit” of the person’s estate. That is why I am writing to you. What is the benefit for your father? What is the benefit for your father’s estate?
    I am going through what you are going through now. I am fighting the fake court orders. No court hearing, but there are court orders for no court hearings.

  5. Open up all sections listed on top right hand corner.

    This is a COUNTRY wide problem. We have Pharaohs operating our courts. I have petitioned to them more times than Moses. They will NOT let us go and continue to steal our property God endowed us with as stewards. They do not fear the Lord or respect man. (Ex 18:21 & Lk 18) They will stand before the almighty God one day and it is not going to be pretty.

  6. Court appointed Guardian and Conservator of a (86 year old woman) and they will not give her back. hHs issued on the yearly audit 1.false income, 2. Income received before the end of audit and not included, 3. False payments of bills, 4. Bills not paid,5. Credit Card payoff not the wards,6.Savings listed as income $5,000.00 and as expenditures $5,000.00. 7. unreported dollars taken from Checking account, 8. Exploited payments on monthly home payments (more than u cost), 9. Home sold for false reasons, 10. Family allow to get in the unit couple of hours, 11. Everything of the wards (living there 35years) trashed, EVERYTHING thrown in the trash, all papers all jewelry, all coins, all purse’s, all the furniture, 12. Refuse to let her live at home with her caregivers, hospital care physicians, physical therapy, 13. She had $3100.00 income increased to 7900.00. Though not reported income. 14. Forged her address on my bank account without me knowing (discovered 5 months later). 15. Had the ward drugged in the hospital from Wednesday to Sunday when discovered by family sent to Rehab Videos and photos of everything. 16. Guardian Meet the ward twice. 17.The Ward worked for the court system for 42years and deserve justice. 18. I am her daughter and was taking care of her my sister disagreed on me being in charge. 19. That was easy to make this appointment and now the accounting of her not knowing her place is sold would devastate her. 20. I filed a cease and desist motion to try to stop the sell. Produced Power of Attorney, Testimony papers and also have Durable power of Attorney papers my mother had signed with her complex notary put in place because she wanted her daughters to have control when she was not cable of handling her affairs herself. 21. They took it all away. 22. To fine that the Guardian and Conservator can do what ever she wants and illegally take my MOMS EVERYTHING makes me continue the mission. Everything I have stated I have proof of everything.

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