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2017 Survey graphs: Were your rights violated in guardianship? Resoundingly, YES!

These results speak for themselves. Comments invited. Please share widely.

A PDF version of this slideshow can be downloaded by clicking here.


4 Comments on 2017 Survey graphs: Were your rights violated in guardianship? Resoundingly, YES!

  1. Kristine Andarmani // February 24, 2018 at 1:35 am // Reply

    Thank you for sharing this and increasing awareness.

  2. Thank you Dr. Sugar for allowing us to publish our experience with the very corrupt probate court/guardian hearings. The way you have set up your open forum is wonderful. It is a very lonely ordeal, and frightening to be fighting this monster with no one who understands, and no one who is exposing these crimes against humanity , to. This is the way it has been in the past, as back in 1997 when I became aware of this deep hidden dirty secret of guardianship, and when I became involved with exposing it, while seeking answers and justice, as a very naive citizen, only wanting to help some people trapped in a facility who were all wards of the court, that claimed to specialized in treating head injured, and was an eye witness to these atrocities to human mankind, a kin to the victims in the Holocaust, and of the old State Hospitals, warehoused for ever.. and no one helping them get free, and get a humane life as we are all entitled to as the human race. God’s creation… we are created in God’s image, in His likeness, we are all in God’s eyes “beautifully and wonderfully made”, where God looks upon each of us a valuable, special unique and worthy of being treated humanely. I could not believe what I was an eye witness to, as employed as a LPN , a new job in that facility called a Rehab specializing in treating head injured. You know the old movie with Jack Nickleson “One Flew Over the Coo Coo’s Nest”.. that was what went on in this facility… fake facility. It was awful. I could not believe the abuse done to the residents there, many who were recovered well enough to be on their own ,but could not get out! Some had been incarcerated for over 15 years! That is not Rehab, I said.. what is going on in this snake pit? I began asking questions to residents who
    and their only answer was.. “the only thing keeping us locked up is our GUARDIAN!”I could not believe it?
    I never heard of such a thing! Some wore uniforms and did grounds work, and after working there over 5 months I learned they were patients and could not get out because of their guardian. All had auto or motorcycle accidents and fell under No Fault Auto Insurance, with life time coverage under Mich. Catastrophic fund.. But many were farmed in from other states that did not carry this insurance that Michigan has..yet somehow fraud was done with the paper work,which they still collected .. Insurance did not bat an eye at payment of upwards to 2000 dollars and day and more.. plus they got medicaid, even though these facilities advertise they are PRIVATE facilities. All the wards of the court, also
    they are ONLY LIcensed by the State as Foster Care HOMes! I learned after probing, they carry NO specialty license as rehab for head injured. The wards of the court dressed shabby, had scanty supply of tolitries … the food was crap, the workers were off the street, and had no special training, and I saw no rehab being done there! I could not believe it! After 7 months I reported to the State Licensing of the abuses.. and human rights violations and more, got fired.. and continued trying to get help for those poor people trapped in that snake pit.. calling
    advocacies, set up by our Gov. to supposedly protect persons rights in institutions.. which was a farce and a exhausted waste of time.. as they did nothing, but keep referring me and I always ended up at the referral I started with. Out U.S. Gov. puts out big bucks for these fake agencies that do nothing out of our tax dollars! I got tarred and feathered, harassed, our phones tapped and still are, and horrible things done to us.. constantly somebody trying to set us husband and I, just to get me to stop my quest to help those poor people! I even wrote Christian T.V. stations asking for exposure and one allowed me to tell my story on this, in Georgia , two times,my husband took me there to be interviewed on T.V. hoping for somebody to help me… One man put up a web site for me which I had going for about
    8 years,until the crooked Judge I exposed with his photo on what he did to a nice young disabled man whom we went to bat in court to try to get him out of this abusive guardianship..that Judge did alot of dirty things to us.. and finally my website came down. I can only tell a small little bit of what me and my husband have went through trying to help many of these victims get set free.. it is more than I could put in a book. I only ask God many times, why did he allow me to see all this injustice and evil,when He knows full well we don’t have any clout,
    no money to fight it,and no one willing to step up and fight with us? I never got an answer on that one?
    Now they got my dear sweet mom. I am fighting for rights to visit my dear sweet 90 year old mom. My nasty greedy siblings entrapped mom in this web of
    corruption out of greed and selfishness. I am one of 6 ,in the middle. I was never like the others,not close to them, we had nothing in common. When I fought in the advocacy to free those enslaved in that prison called re-hab,they had no interest in my plight, nor did they care… Now it was in 2014 they did this to my dear mom.. who was 86…now 4 years later , I am still fighting in the court for visitation of mom.. they have not allowed me visits to mom since they forced her against her will in an involuntary guardianship. I will close for now, as
    this sad saga never ends. Back in 1997 there was no Dr.Sugar to listen who is doing so much to help fight this monster of guardianship abuse,there was no NASGA National Association to STop Guardian Abuse, I was so alone.. wanting so much for someone to reach out to,to tell my story,to help expose it,..Now we are grateful for these two people who are working tirelessly to expose this and shed the flood light on the crooks of guardian abuse.. Judges, lawyers, facility owners, political persons, crooked psychiatrists, social workers.. on it goes.. ( I personally witnessed evil doctors get up in court and testify to my disabled friends whom I was seeking to get freed from abusive guardianship’s… take an oath to their incompetency when they never ever saw those people! I saw it all! It is impossible to get a job after being a Whistle Blower like I was..and then when I would not stop my mission to help those people. I have been “black balled” and every dirty trick in the book played on me and my husband.. we have been tarred and feathered. I am not complaining, if only there were more positive outcome. ONe person we were able to free.. but like through the flames of the fire.. and that story in itself could be made into a real life movie.
    Anyway, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to
    tell this truth as one deeply involved in trying to find justice for those trapped .. and now my dear mom. I will close for now.

  3. Margarita Anthoibe // February 24, 2018 at 10:10 am // Reply

    Dr Sam recently mentioned the overwhelming, albeit heartbreaking, response to his AAAPG 800 number I emailed to him that I wished I had such a number to call when 3 of my 4 stepchildren filed to find my (now late) husband mentally incapacitated in an effort to force him into a Florida Guardianship and get me banished from his life. I settled with them by becoming the Guardian of his Person and I agreed to allow a professional guardian to take control over his finances and property. The only thing my stepchildren’s exercise accomplished was to waste their own inheritance on excessive lawyer and Guardianship bills, not to mention the nasty stress and time in court proceedings and all the intrusion. But at least my husband was not dragged away from me. Sounds like a nightmare? You bet.

  4. I too am fighting for the rights of the elderly and my hat is off to you for your time and commitment to help the underprivileged and disadvantaged. We need more of you, but most of all, we need justice to function instead of corruption.

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