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3 Comments on Victim Video– Richard Freer, Miami FL 12-31-2018

  1. My name is James Placet and my story is one that could put this on the map. I am 52 years old and I live in Az. We have similar issues as Nevada’s . My net worth is about 15 million. My wife, during a long separation filed for divorce on 8/10/18. Then she filed for a guardianship of me as a protected adult. She did this two weeks AFTER filing for divorce. I was served less then 24 hours before my court hearing, she filed it as an emergency order for Guardianship. I used to have addiction problems but sought treatment and had everything under control. The lawyers used the notion that I was a drug addict and got records from my treatment center and used that against me. My wife perjured herself over 30 times in court but I have never been able to cross examine her because that day I was considered a protected adut !
    I was given an allowance of 1,000 a month and my power got shut off and there was a day I had to sleep outside because I have no money for a hotel room. To date my case is still ongoing and in 16 days they are going to give my entire estate to my wife by the conservator she hired! The name of the conservator is John Tully and he owns Camelback Fiducary. The attorneys that have been appointed to me have billed well in excess of one million dollars and they are not done. The goal in the end is to give the rest to my wife. My emails have been tampered with as well as my text messages to make me look not competent, this I would think would not be legal. A Scottsdale police officer called me recently and found a bag of my mail thrown in the bushes off the side of the street. A police report has been filed regarding that. I was so amazed that my rights as a citizen have been completely taken away. They had me see a doctor that the attorneys sent me to and manipulated her to say I continue to need a conservator. The entire estate worth over 15 million will be given away on that time and I have no say in the mediation. I paid over 800,000 in federal taxes in 2016 ! Yet I only have been given 1,000 a month as I stated. I take drug tests weekly in case anyone wanted to look at it but to no avail. I owned 30 homes and the attorneys have eveiced the renters and displaced the families to sell the homes. The attorneys and the conservator has had a real estate license for 25 years and has only had his fiduciary company ( Camelback Fiducuary) for less than 2 years. His training was waived by the probate Judge. The judges are pushing this case at rapid speed. I have had to file my own motions which were denied do the fact that I am a protected adult! I need help so bad and have nowhere to turn. Again I am 52 years old! To top it off one of largest ESTATE PLANNERS in Az . With over 15,000 clients and over 900 million in annuity sales and over 15,000 trusts. I am not a lawyer but should be a poster child for this cause. It took me 25 years to build my 15 million dollar estate. The layers involved in my case have already been sanctioned by the Az state bar but the state continues to let them do business.The attorney at the lead of this is Thomas Asimou who is counsel for my fiduciary or conservator. Then my appointed attorney who coincidentally has been appointed 7 times to my c
    Fiduciary John Tully of Camelback fiducary even though he has only been in business as I stated above for less than 2 years! My email is and my phone number is 480-4955247. I can fly anywhere and have tape recordings of most of what has happened to me. The public documents on Az.Gov are available and its obvious to see. Thank you so much for your consideration James C Placet…….I will fight for this cause for ever and would like to help as much as I can…

  2. My email is My phone number is 480-495-5247….PLEASE HELP AND TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. Y

  3. This is Jim Placet’s sister. Jim died unexpectedly on January 4th, 2019. The timing of his death is very suspicious. I was able to learn more about what was happening to Jim over the past few weeks of his life and nothing seemed legal. The stress that is inflicted by conservator abuse is immeasurable.

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