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  1. Kathleen Morris // January 7, 2019 at 5:50 am //

    Yes, I want to comment. First of all thanks again to Dr. Sugar for doing these interviews of guardian corruption, abuse, exploitation, theft… they are invaluable to exposing the culprits the criminals of this highly organized crime racket. Thank you for writing your book an invaluable help to us victims. If only you were there in 1997 when I first became enlightened of guardianship evil, I would not have had to go through all the hard knocks of learning about this U.S. organized mafia racket of guardianship. I had no idea what I was up against, as a Whistle Blower, of a facility in Battle Creek,Michigan(Battle Creek Neuro Rehab Center, owner Jack Robertson). If only I had someone to turn to, a book to read like yours, it would have spared me much anguish and confusion, frustration and trauma. There was no one no where … and believe me I searched high and low with no help to be found. I knew nothing about computers then, but finally purchased one and learned how to search. Yes, at last some victims came out of the wood work under what was called “Disability Grape Vine.” There was a wonderful lady by the name of Alice Raap from Detroit who came on board and told her sad story as an advocate for persons with disabilities.. and how her long time disabled friend Burton Hawn, was
    picked up by the guardian mobsters, and hurled into an institution, put under a private guardian and denied all rights until they killed him by the trauma and force drugging and isolation. Alice put a web site up telling Burton’s story, along with including the young disabled man my husband and I were advocating for , Michael Rowe. I believe you can still view the web page although last time I checked the powers that be deleted some things.. rbrenterprises.. Michael Rowe guardian abuse. Those ques should get you there.

    First comment on Nevada Police Leut. James Weiskapf, who is standing up for victims of the guardian mobsters, pleading their complaints to the Nevada County Commission. What a wonderful Leut. officer he is! If only there was such commitment of the law enforcement in these cases nation wide, maybe we could get somewhere? This fine young man certainly is standing up for victims of this fraud and is a diamond in the rough. The general attitude of law enforcement in this country is them going along with the racket and obviously play a part in the guardian racket. Leut. James Weiskopf heard many guardian victims cases. He did his research. He did investigation into the matters, interviewed victims and prepared a well documented presentation before the board of commissioners who are responsible to hear these complaints. Those people do not realize how fortunate they were to have this fine officer go to bat for their cause! He explained very well how the racket the judge ignored families complaints, refused to look at family as the option to care for their loved ones who were snared behind their back in secret proceedings to snare them in unwarranted guardianship’s by lawyers without ever contacting family of the proceedings. He exposed also how the lawyer guardian (buddy of judge) stole the guardian victim’s estates, selling them below market value, and how the judge rubber stamped all their requests for payment from wards assets to pay themselves! He exclaimed there is no oversight for the operation of guardian industry of plundering victim’s estates! I would have felt I was in seventh heaven if such a person came to my rescue while fighting the guardian gangsters!

    Now, to comment on this outstanding man Roger Hillygus, from Nevada, fighting so hard for his mom and dad who were snared by the guardians mobsters.

    Your interviews, Dr. Sugar certainly reveals there is no respecter of persons who may be stricken by the guardian racketeering mob. Roger Hillygus is a well educated, well respected man of high degree which made no difference to him being a target of fraud, theft, guardian abuse. To think of all the hours, days, months years he has toiled trying to get justice for his mom and dad and as he said “to no avail”… certainly proves his dedication and love for his parents. That alone according to uniform guardian law, that family first, all alternatives must be adhered to before a judge places a person under a 3rd party (stranger lawyer) guardian! This fact alone should have been enough for the courts to butt out … and leave the family alone to care for their parents. All directives were in place. The Judge usurped his office by ignoring those advance directives. This is violation of law. A judge’s job is to administer justice, know the law and determine cases by law only. Uniform Guardianship law ( and most laws in the states) NEVER AT ANY TIME PROCLAIM FAMILY DISAGREEMENTS ARE REASON TO PLACE LOVED ONE UNDER A STRANGER THIRD PARTY GUARDIAN! I believe we advocates are letting them off too easy here! Advanced directives were in place… Roger was the choice of the parents in all arena’s. There fore Roger your case should have bypassed court. It made no difference if your sister who is a bitch and contested it. The directives were in place. At that the Judge must honor those directives and the law.. family first, alternatives always first, guardianship ONLY if there is not other alternative. I believe we need to press this lawful fact much more than we do. I believe when we represent ourselves, or if we are fortunate to find a lawyer who will advocate for us, we must be firm with them from the start… they must fight for us, they must present the law and fight for us.

    It was proof the crooked judge is the ringleader of this highly organized crime racket of human trafficking -when lawyers and the judge got ‘up in arms’ when Roger proceeded to file bankruptcy for his parents… YES IT WAS CLEAR AS DAY.. THE CROOKS DID NOT WANT THEIR MONEY POT TO DISAPPEAR FOR WHICH THEY WOULD SPEND DOWN CHARGING ERRONEOUS OUTRAGEOUS FEES from it!

    What a racket this whole damned thing is, corrupt judges the ring leaders! There again I think Roger’s statement “guardianship” is used by courts to settle family squabbles… is letting the criminals off too easy! GUARDIANSHIP IS NOT USED TO SETTLE FAMILY SQUABBLES. LEGAL DOCUMENTS WERE IN PLACE – ROGER WAS CHOSEN BY HIS PARENTS TO TAKE CARE OF THEIR MATTERS ONCE THEY NO LONGER COULD. THAT LEGAL DOCUMENT WAS ALL THAT WAS NECESSARY TO SETTLE FAMILY SQUABBLES!

    NOWHERE IN PROBATE LAW STATES A 3RD PARTY GUARDIAN (STRANGER)IS TO BE PLACED AS GUARDIAN OF OUR LOVED ONES IF ALL DID NOT AGREE IN THE FAMILY UNIT! I still believe we are missing it here. Laws are ignored and just thrown aside which is direct violation of Judges position.. to administer justice.

    We may as well be under the tyrants of the old English Kings. The judiciary is not broken. The U.S. judiciary is CORRUPT AS HELL RUN BY HARD CORE CRIMINALS..

    All this news coverage of human trafficking … usually pointing to innocent children from other countries used and abused as sex slaves and other crimes… is only a ploy to distract the real criminals here in the U.S. Judiciary which is running amok with dirty rotten judges who need to be thrown in prison or better yet given the electric chair. This whole thing is udderly disgusting!

    The present corruption within America’s courts, where there is no justice… only a good ol boy system organized crime racket.. citizens rightfully shudder to even think of having to access courts here for anything!

    Guardianship is political! It is political! Of course guardianship should be abolished! There should never be in any country a court system that legally “owns people as slaves to do with as they please, even abuse them, torture them, isolated them for which isolation is a high form of abuse, steal from them, deny them all basic human rights, God Given rights, then finally kill them!” All this rhetoric of “protecting” is a line of BS and we all need to stop
    getting off track here of who the culprits are.

    Look at it- political campaigns are funded by guardianship… these bogus assisted living facilities are nothing more than Nazi concentration camps in America.. funded by Big Pharma.. Our loved ones who are forced into these Nazi camps by corrupt judges who get voted in by lobbyist of drug companies..
    The privatization of these bogus facilities is a well thought out plan of the elite who run this country – But it is run all under fraud.. they use the status of “private owned, private property”.. to arrest us if we dare try to visit our loved ones who are incarcerated in these hell holes by judges – but it is fraud as law states when a facility gets any funding at all from State or Federal it cannot be considered PRIVATE! Every elder person put away in these so-called care facilities are receiving Medicare and Medicaid! SO THEY ARE OPERATING UNDER FRAUD! THEY ARE NOT PRIVATE ACCORDING TO LAW. We need to go after them for that too!

    Any way there is so much more to say but I guess enough said for now.
    Katie Morris from the very corrupt state of Michigan where corrupt judges grant more guardianship’s than any other state.. willy nilly… Michigan where the court mobsters thrive.. I warn people NOT to move to Michigan! There are also more fake brain injury rehab facilities in Michigan than any other state.. and by the way, the State Regulatory Agency ( LARA) that is responsible for licensing these fake facilities, ONLY LICENSE THEM AS FOSTER CARE HOMES .. BUT YET ALLOW FALSE ADVERTISING UNDER THEIR NAMES AS “EXPERTS IN TREATING BRAIN INJURY!” What a farce that is. All they do is isolate the victims who are all wards of the court.. drug them to the kilt dangerous psychotropic drugs that are contradicted for brain injured.. only makes them zombies,do not rehab at all, but steal the mulit- million dollar accident settlements of their wards … and they (crooked lawyers and judges) put huge bonds on their wards, and take out life insurance policies of their wards .. so they they use them as “cash cows” alive and dead.. denying them all unalienable rights as persons! Yes, this mob is much worse than the Holocaust! I am not making light at all of the horrific crimes against humanity under Hitlers regime ( as I have been a missionary since the Iron curtain came down, helping survivors of the Holocaust).. I say this because there was an end to the horrific crimes of the Holocaust.. but there is no End in sight to the crimes comparable done to our own innocent American citizens, all knowing of our Federal Government in the U.S. guardian racket!

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