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Guardianship Saga of the Close Family UTAH 12-30-2018

Hidden Truth Revealed: Stand up, Speak out Hidden Truth Revealed: Stand up, Speak out


Heartbreaking story of loving children forced to live on the run by a vindictive Utah Judge, just for trying to save their Father’s life.

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  1. This story is similar to Barbara Stone.
    She was an attorney in Florida. The Supreme Court of Florida took away her license to practice law in Florida. How can Ms. Stone answer Supreme court investigation when she was in jail? How can Ms. Stone being held in jail for 297 days then was forced to sign plead bargain so she can get out of jail? How can Ms. Stone help herself out of jail with her rights taken away?
    We need to stop the Attorneys using the Contempt to Court which is criminal action to gag elderly’s love one.
    Oh, how I fought the fraudulent guardianship!!! But still I ended up in jail! Then my husband showed up! Then the attorneys couldn’t held me in jail but had to release me with “RANSOM” money! There is no legal authority to put me in jail.
    Today I just discover one insider (Clerk of the Court)can do all the tricks to make sure Attorneys will max their looting of the Estate!!!
    You may not realize the Clerk can help file fake court orders! The Clerk can call all the financial institutions that “the Child or children are stealing from their parents” so all of the elderly financial assets will be frozen! After the financial assets are frozen, children began to questions and get mad at each other!! The predatory attorneys moves in for looting financial assets. The attorneys moves in for “settlement” to make it can not be appeal in the upper court.
    I refused to “settle”! I refused to sign any documents that looked like I give up my Mother! I did everything I could to stop them from hurting my mother! I helped my mother protected her financial assets and her estate.
    But after two years, I still did not receive my inheritance. The predatory took their attorney fees without any Court Order because their attorney fees was to fight the legal documents and I would not settle so these attorneys will look they did have legal right for their illegal actions. To make their illegal action that cause my mother to lose her civil rights by using the fraudulent court order for “letter of Plenary Guardian of Property” without adjudicated my mother incapacitated. First used the same “letter of Plenary Guardian of Property to transfer assets to Property Guardian’s name. Second file “trust” lawsuit so the predatory attorneys can get more attorney fees. Third I was not willing and refused to “settle” therefore used malicious false statements with help of the the boss in charge clerk at the Court house to file complaint with the Detective’s office. The result is First jail her to stop her from defending her inheritance property and use status of limitation to prevent her from her inheritance since the Property Guardian changed the beneficiary’s name or left it out (just forgot).
    See the Guardianship Fraud is all in this case.
    I did not allow my mother’s civil rights taken away but these predatory attorneys still after her for her money! Then using “lawsuit” without merits. In front of the Honorable Judge one sentence “It is fraud” voids her existing legal documents allow these attorney to fight over “fraud” even though it has two witness with printed name and contact address and valid notary with contact address.
    The result is that the attorneys took over $240,000 in attorney fees and zero dollar was spent on my mother. Who paid for my mother’s expenses? Me!!!
    If this is someone knock on the door and demand to fix my mother’s roof, my mother refused to fix the roof, these people went up to the roof and make a big hole on the roof and demand their repair fixing roof fees. I can call Sheriff and file complaint and have these people arrested. But just because their title is “attorney” then the battle is inside the courtroom. Who controls the Courtroom anyway? Whose to blame if Honorable Judge did not want to follow Florida Rules of Judicial Administration?
    Elderly’s time is ticking.
    Attorneys enjoy feasting.
    That is the reason that Attorneys want to use professional guardians for the attorney’s benefits (receive money for talking on the phone $475 to $500 an hour). Just pick up a phone is already few hundred dollars.
    What did they do to deserve $240,000 for attorney fees? From November 1, 2016 to February 28, 2017?
    Prior to November 1, 2016 taken money from the elderly without court order is okay. But a biological daughter and social security payee for her mother went to the bank to withdraw money to pay for her daily living expense is called “FRAUD” and Honorable Judge agree.
    The key is taking away the Financial Control of the elderly’s financial assets do not allow these predatory attorney have access to the the money. If elderly is incapacitated then their children can have the control of frozen assets and expenses can prepaid for one year at a time.
    Actually I did’t even know over $240,000 was paid to the attorneys without court orders until now after I filed lawsuit against them. The $240,000 are my property too and was taken without my knowledge, consent, and signature. What a crime! The attorneys used court system to disinherited legal beneficiary should be punished.
    If no body speak up and write about it then someday we will have to suffer second time in the hands of these predatory attorneys. Professional Guardian couldn’t do any looting if attorney is not willing to assist them.
    Start with predatory attorneys. The predatory attorneys point fingers at heirs and accuse heirs for stealing their inheritance before is theirs. The predatory attorneys did not claim that their unwarranted fake attorney fees are not stealing.

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